Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Ms. Helper

The other morning, I awoke to the realization that Olive was not in my room.  Usually, Olive is my early riser (I mean, besides Addison, who wakes up at 6:00 in the morning so he can read in a quiet house.).  She gets up at 6:30 almost every day, walks silently to the door with her kitty cat in one hand and blanket in the other, and knocks.  After a while of knocking, she will make a bed on the floor and patiently knock again and again until I open the door.  This morning was different.  This morning, she and Ivey were playing happily in their room together.  It was 8:30.  I had slept until 8:30, without interruption!

I laid there, listening to the sweet noises of content children.  I nudged Jeff so he could listen to the sounds of bliss.  And then, I heard it.  The words that changed the entire ambiance of the morning.  "I am so sorry that you got your poo poo everywhere, Olive!"  With that, I jumped up and bolted for the door.  I entered the room to witness Olive, lying on a changing pad on the floor... and Ivey changing her.  It appeared that the initial stripping of the diaper had happened some time ago.  Without going into any graphic details... it was a mess.  For some reason, Ivey was also naked as a jaybird.  With this newfound knowledge of what was truly going on, the memory of their blissful playing-- playing kitchen, reading books, playing with baby dolls-- turned into a checklist for the HAZMAT cleanup.  As I hit the bathroom, I realized that Ivey had not only mothered her sister (her sister that is only 6lbs lighter than she), but also herself.  The reason that she was naked is that she had pooped in the potty like a big girl... without asking for help with the wiping.  No telling how long ago THAT happened.

I cleaned up each and every spot in that room that little dirty tushes may have sat or hands may have touched.  Through it all, Ivey was still in Mommy-mode.  She insisted on dressing Olive for me.  She made sure Olive said her "pleases" and "thank you's".  Yes, it was a completely vile morning, but at least it was vile with a smile, right?

(Interesting how similar this post was to this one.  And how much the term HAZMAT needs to be used in my life!)

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