Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And to all a good night...

Christmas has come and gone.  In a flash.  I took the kids for portraits with Santa.  Ivey sat on Santa's lap and he asked her what she would like for Christmas.  "Mac and Cheese", she said.  From that point on, Ivey was stuck on getting Mac and Cheese for Christmas.  When she would start to get whiny, or throw a toy, or hit her brother, I would tell her, "If you are bad, Santa won't bring you any presents!"  She would grin, with her silly little grin, and tell me that she didn't want Santa to bring presents.  Just Mac and Cheese! 

In order to cope with the pre-holiday festivities, Jeff and I took the kids and headed off for an adventure.  We spent a few nights at the cabin in Ellijay, making (and devouring) a gingerbread house, decorating Christmas cookies, popping popcorn, and watching movies.  We went to Blue Ridge for lunch and some fudge.  We saw Christmas lights.  We were our nice little family unit, and it was absolutely wonderful!  I wanted to stay through the entire holiday, but it just isn't possible.  Plus, Asa was truly homesick being away from the house at Christmas.  Little did he know, he wasn't going right home-- not until the house was ready for the big party!

Back in the fray, we enjoyed an awesome Christmas party and a whirlwind of visits and fun.  The cousins all had a blast together, as they always do.  Christmas left us with a bunch of very happy children.  The go-cart, which was intended to be for Asa and Addison, really ended up a hit for Asa and Ivey.  It is amazing.  More like a dune buggy than a go-cart.  Adjustable seats, key start, headlights.... Asa was all over it!  Addison, our risk manager, was more concerned.  After the scavenger hunt which led him to his go-cart gift, he asked, "Do I have to buy the gas?"  He didn't want to ride it while Asa was driving. When we talked about him driving it, he explained that he wasn't 16 yet, and that he was really nervous about getting a ticket.  No, this surprise isn't really his style.  His brother and sister, on the other hand, were all over it!  Addison did, however, get every book that he had asked for... and enough Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego kits to keep him busy for a long, long time!  Oh, and Santa came through.  Ivey not only had boxes of Mac and Cheese under the tree, but she had a plate of it ready for her to eat!


While we were in the mountains, Asa quickly began to get homesick.  He explained that he just "liked to be home at Christmas".  I agree.  But, I am homesick here at the house.  These last few weeks I have missed my home in Bethlehem more than the day we left it.  The town, and our home, was beautiful at Christmas... and it felt equally beautiful to decorate, bake, cook, and sing in it with my children.  All the pieces are in place and enough is done next door for us to start moving, which hopefully we will do in a matter of days.  I await the day that our little unit can start to get back to our autonomous life... and it will be my belated Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Addison Time

Since May, Tuesday and Thursday nights have been Addison and Granddaddy nights.  You see, these are the nights that Granddaddy takes Addison to Aikido practice.  The run down goes something like this...  I get Addison to his grandparents' house.  Addison cons them into feeding him something for dinner, even though he just ate.  Addison and Randy drive to Aikido practice, while Addison talks non-stop in the car about how much Disney World's electricity bill runs them or how Daddy cannot regulate how much frozen 42 cent per ounce yogurt to put into his cup at Yotops.  Addison and Randy both take an Aikido lesson together, Addison being the youngest (and probably most self-confident, as he knows not of humility) only in the class.  Addison cons Randy into taking him to get a burger or a shake after class.  This pretty much is the rundown that I hear each and every Tuesday and Thursday.  It seems the little man is getting quite good! Hopefully, the two of them can keep this up, as I think someone would be very disappointed if the one-on-one time ended... and I don't mean Addison.