Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a few pictures...

Obviously, Addison was less than excited to have his Super Mario Bros 2 game interrupted for a picture.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Defend and Gather

Our chickens are now very great little egg layers. We are getting 3-5 per day, which adds up quickly! They are the nicest bunch of hens I have ever had... except for Lemondrop. Lemondrop was our friends' chicken, who became too big for her britches and got kicked out of her coop for bad behavior. It seems she is quite the bully. We suspect gender issues. Anyways, we took her in so that she could be the new hen on the block and hopefully get a rude awakening on how not to play with others. At first, it worked. Our hens kicked her cute little buff orpington hieny. However, she learned how to escape from the pen... saving herself from the onslaught of pecks from our tight knit little flock. Now, she mostly roams the yard, chasing the boys down and pecking their feet. She is back to her bullying ways, but since she isn't able to bully the other chickens, she saves it for us. She has even been known to meet guests in the driveway and peck their shoes. I don't know what she is so mad about. At least she has a name. We talk about the chickens as "the rhode island reds, the barred rocks and Lemondrop".

Lemondrop has caused the boys to revamp their chicken chores. Each week, one boy has to water the chickens each day while the other feeds them and gathers eggs. The next week, they alternate. Well, now that Lemondrop acts as our attack chicken, the boy who is in charge of watering also has to take a broom (or a water gun, depending on the weather) and act as the "defender" for the egg gatherer. It is hilarious watching them truck through the yard, one as the defender and one as the gatherer. Usually, they then bust through the door and exclaim that they have "triumphed!". Rarely, the battle is too great and they have to try again later.

Yesterday, Jeff took the boys to go buy more chicken feed. While there, they played with hundreds of little baby chicks. If Jeff had gone solo, this wouldn't have been such an exciting day. However, Asa went... and fell madly in love. Jeff called me and I could hear Asa in the background, buzzing and vibrating with excitement over the baby chicks. We had previously talked about getting a few more chickens as replacement chickens for when dogs attack or one gets out and wanders into the road or what have you, but I didn't expect to start from "scratch" with babies. However, Asa's cuteness and excitement was so convincing, that I gave the okay for him to bring a few home. Now, we have four baby chicks living in our utility room. Living in our utility room, riding around in dump trucks... you know, chick stuff.

Just Think Publix.

Our monthly incentive for school is long overdue. As a matter of fact, it's 4 months overdue. We were supposed to go to our Chuck-E-Cheese trip and then I was put on bed rest. The boys have been very patient. I figured I might as well load up all the offspring and head to Athens to play. We took our buy 40 tokens get 40 free coupon (we only spent $10 total) and our surplus tickets from the last couple trips and hit the road... in the morning, of course, so there would be no one there.

As we got closer, Asa and Addison became so excited they couldn't stand it. When we waited to turn into the shopping center, they could see the sign. Addison couldn't take it anymore. He kept saying he was "just to excited!". Asa explained to him that he should just "think about the grocery store. That always works." As it turned out, Publix was in the same shopping center, so Asa pointed out that Addison needed to keep his eyes on Publix! Thanks to Asa's wonderful coaching, Addison indeed made it to Chuck-E-Cheese without exploding from the excitement.

The trip was a success. Olive stayed asleep the entire time. Ivey ran around and clapped her hands and was fascinated by all the machines and the big huge singing mouse. No fear. Asa and Addison spent an hour and a half figuring out which machines yielded the most tickets for their tokens. They added them to their previous total and saved most of them for next time. Add in some Happy Meals on the way home and it was a pretty good trip.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Speech 101

After the dust from the bedrest and childbirth and swine flu settled, I began to realize that my sweet little Ivey is now almost 18 months old, and still not saying much of anything. She's a super quiet baby and always has been. She never really babbled much and never repeated bababab, mamamam, dadadada sounds back to us, ever. She does say "sit" and "hot" on a daily basis. "Cat" and "rock" are used occasionally. No "mama" or "dada" at all. Even the words that she does say she will not say on cue or repeat.

Her forte is non-verbal communication. She likes to sign, point, and nod or shake her head. She can get along very very well this way. She knows more signs than the boys did... more, help, milk, baby, eat, tired, and recently learned cold, play, juice, color (crayons), and probably more that I can't think of off the top of my head. In order to prevent herself from having to use words, she started to make up her own signs and gestures. This is what made me realize that it was time for speech therapy. I already knew I needed to take Addison for some articulation issues (s's and r's), so I scheduled them for evaluations.

Sure enough, it was determined that Ivey definitely needed speech therapy, and Addison needed help with s's and r's. After our evaluation, we went ahead and scheduled sessions for Mondays, although I am trying to find out if there is a more affordable option. We have had one session so far, last Monday. The therapist used Cheerios to help Addison focus his tongue in the right place for his S's (which so far has worked really well at home... He cannot say S without the Cheerio, but with it he has it down pat!). In Ivey's session, she didn't make a single peep the whole time.

The therapist wants to use PEC Cards (Picture Exchange Cards) to help her learn. She had four cards, one with a picture of music notes and a person singing, one with a book, one with a Cheerio and... I forget what the other one was... not important. In order to get a Cheerio, or look at the book, etc, Ivey had to give the therapist the appropriate card. Just teaching that concept was hard and frustrating for Ivey. We worked on the Cheerio card, trying to get Ivey to say "O" and have the therapist a card to get a Cheerio. She eventually did learn that she needed to get the card and hand it to her, but never said "O". Just teaching her that she needed to do that much was hard work! Next week, we will have some cards to come home with us.

On Tuesday, I decided to get out some Cheerios and do a little experiment. During school, while Ivey, Asa and Addison were all sitting at the table, I asked Asa to say "O" and I would give him a Cheerio. Then, Addison did it. We then looked at Ivey... nothing. Next, I had Asa sign "more" and say "O". Ivey watched carefully as I gave him a Cheerio. Addison repeated the signing and saying. Then, it was Ivey's turn. She smiled, and I passed her over. We repeated this about 4 or 5 times before Ivey opened her mouth and shaped it just as you would to say "O", but did not make a sound. I clapped and gave her an "O". The next time around, she let her vocal cords do some work and came out with a perfect "O"! We all went crazy with applause, and we went around the table a few more times, each kid signing "more" and saying "O". It was a huge breakthrough!

That was Tuesday. Since then, I have somehow managed to work intensely with her on her speech... while homeschooling and taking care of a very demanding (very LOUD) newborn. In the last 4 days, Ivey has become much more direct when she says "hot" or "sit". For instance, in her bath tonight she signed "more" and said "hot", while scooting back away from the faucet. She wanted more hot water... and sure enough, her water was too cool. She also told me to "sit" with her and watch her movie today. She had never used "sit" to tell someone else what to do before. When going to bed, she has said "rock" before when she wants to rock in her chair, but now she seems to say it much more confidently, and say it when I ask her. I think we are getting the hang of it! I am making a point of rocking her when she asks, even if I get her back out of her bed. Tonight, she pushed it a bit too long, but I just explained that I can't rock any more and talked to her about it to reinforce that she is communicating that she wants to rock.

Yesterday at school, I was discussing abbreviations in addresses. I was explaining to the boys about the different abbreviations in our address, their Grandmomma and Granddaddy's, and Mim and Papa's. All of the sudden, Ivey started saying "Papa!!" over and over again. We called him on the phone so she could talk to him. Since then, we can't even say Mim's name without Ivey going into a "Papa" fit! The boys and I also got her to say "night night" before nap today, and Asa shared his crackers with her only after getting her to say "cracker".

Ivey is much more comfortable trying to say the first sound of a word than trying to bite off the whole word at once. Last night, I was singing to her in her room. When I stopped, she signed "more". I tried to get her to say the word 'sing'. She wouldn't try to say the word, but when I just made the 's' sound, she repeated it. Now, she specifically asks me to sing by making the 's' sound. I am trying to say the full word every time she does so that it will eventually click for her to finish the word. I assume that is how it will work, but I'm not the expert! She did the same thing tonight by saying "ba" for bath and "wa" for water. I was even able to get her to say the "f" sound (or something close to it) to get more fries at lunch. In the bath tonight, I was able to get her to repeat many letter sounds back to me... including "ah" which I paired with "oh" and then we slowly put them together to say a-oh! She was clapping for herself after the sound... She is getting so much more self confident!

Addison also learned a trick with Cheerios. The therapist showed him how to hold a Cheerio behind his bottom front teeth with his tongue. Then, she can close his teeth and make the "s" sound without his tongue pushing through. He has practiced a lot this week and can make the sound with the Cheerio trick easily now. Without the Cheerio, he is still lost. I am sure she will be able to transition him, though. I was floored that he was able to make that sound at all... hooray for Cheerios!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I know we will be hit by another cold spell, and I am sure we continue to be drowning in rain at least 5 days out of each week... but we enjoyed the spring weather that we had today! It was gorgeous. It took a little force to get Addison to stop asking to play Nintendo, and for Asa to stop asking to watch t.v., but once everyone was outside we soaked up the sunshine and had a great day. This was really Ivey's first time to be free in the yard, as last year we had a major problem with fire ants and she couldn't walk around out there without falling victim to multiple ant hills. She loved every bit of it.

Jeff worked on putting in posts for a gate to get to the backyard from the driveway. This involved digging... so it involved dirt... and Ivey played and played in it! She clenched it in her fingers. She dug it out of the post holes. She raked it all toward herself, burying her feet. My little girl isn't afraid to get good and dirty!

Asa got out his bike, which is now a bit too small for him, and worked very hard trying to ride it in the backyard. He started up at the house and coasted a bit down the small hill. He started trying to pedal and then... it clicked! He practiced in the backyard for a while and then we all went across the street to the park, where he rode on the track. He made it 1/4 of the way around! We are all very very proud!

Addison took his scooter, which he has gotten really good at riding. He takes off down the hill and goes much faster than I would want to on it! When we have another pretty day I will help him practice with his bike in the same spot in the backyard that Asa used. Come on spring... We need more days like today!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy, Busy

I've been back into the swing of things. It rained all last week, which was the pits. I am so tired of this rain! This week is supposed to be better, so we are trying to arrange a much-needed play date with some friends. A couple night ago, Jeff and I took our family of six out for dinner in Monroe. It went shockingly well. Everyone was very good, although Ivey did freak out when the woman there as the "live music" started into her Pasty Cline. Honestly, we all wanted to scream about it... Ivey just lacked the inhibitions. As the meal went on, Ivey got used to her and even clapped a few times. Olive slept through it all and the boys spent their time silently kicking each other under the table. Hey, at least they were quiet about it.

We started back to school last Wednesday. Since Olive pretty much sleeps most of the time, it has worked fairly well. As she starts to be more alert for longer periods of time it will get more and more tricky. Today, Ivey sat with us and worked at the table for two straight hours. I think she is going to take to preschool very well when the day comes!

Ivey is still very protective and possessive of her little sister. At the restaurant the other night, Ivey pointed Olive out to the server and the singer who came by our table a couple times. When someone else's baby let out a cry, Ivey's ears perked up and she had to make sure it wasn't our baby that needed attention. She is such a little momma. The boys also can't keep their hands off of her. They are patting and rubbing her head constantly. The other night, I was upstairs playing with Ivey while Olive slept in Ivey's crib. Ivey and I were out in the foyer. Well, Addison was very concerned with the fact that I left Olive unattended! He told me that he didn't like it when I left Olive in the room by herself and didn't think it was safe. I assured him that Olive was perfectly safe in the crib. Such a little protector. I used to think that having a new baby would help overwhelm the system so that no one can be spoiled, but I wasn't counting on the fact that even Ivey would spoil the new little sister. Ivey, the little mute child that she is, will pat Olive and then pat my chest while making a sucky face to tell me to feed her... or pat Olive and then make her sign for "tired" to tell me that Olive is sleepy. That little girl is well taken care of!

Speaking of my little mute child, I have called to see about getting her some speech therapy. She has very little interest in using words, and is perfectly comfortable using signs and non-verbal communication instead. Jeff and I will try to get her to use the word for "juice" before she can have juice, or "please" to get something she wants. She will resist and then finally decide that she'd just rather not have it at all! I am not too worried about her in the longterm, but she does need to start using some words other than "hot", "cat", "sit" and "eat". She has said "flower", "cup" and even a very close version of "elephant", but she has only done those once and then will not repeat them! To hear "momma" or "daddy" is a very rare treat, indeed... and one that she will not repeat no matter how much you ask. I know what is going to happen... We will want her to talk now and then want her to STOP talking later on!

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Days Old

I took some pictures of Olive today... as has now been here long enough to necessitate two whole digits. She is doing what she should be doing: eating, looking around for a while, pooping a bunch, then going right back to sleep for 2-3 hours when it all starts over again. She has been having a rough time, tummy-wise, since I've been on Tamiflu. But, in the battlefield that is my family, the benefits of the Tamiflu outweigh the risk of the painful poo. I feel bad for her, but I know some tummy pain is far better than the alternative. Only six more days left of my prescription, then she can poo like mustard instead of Play-dough once again.

I don't know if she was just tired, or if she just hates baths. Her umbilical stump fell off today, so I gave her her first real bath. She screamed the whole time, sounding a lot like a crazed cat. Her cry sounds a lot like Asa's... angry instead of sad. Addison's and Ivey's cries were more pitiful sounding. Asa's sounded more like he was screaming AT you for causing whatever it was (or wasn't) wrong.

Counting Down.

I am getting the kids back in the morning. If something happens and things fall through, I will crawl there on my hands and knees if I have to. I wanted to get Ivey yesterday, I wanted to get them today, and tomorrow is it. No more. It will be a long time before any of these kids head out on any trip without me, that's for sure. Four kids or not, they aren't going anywhere.

After the madness of last week destroyed it, I have re-cleaned my house. I have washed and put away every stitch of laundry. I cleaned out the aquarium today. I cleaned out the fridge. There is not a whole lot else I can do to keep my mind off of the fact that my kids should be here with me. One tiny newborn is far too easy to keep my mind occupied. I guess I need to get up and invent something. Maybe the Tupperware cabinet needs organizing. Heck, maybe I should bathe.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still waiting...

It looks like I won't be getting anyone back today. Ivey and Addison are well enough, but I need to line up help to lift Ivey, etc before they come home. So, I am trying to find help... from someone who has not been exposed to the flu. My house is supposedly germ-free. It should be considering how much Lysol I have sprayed. It has also been over 48 hours since anyone sick has been here. It should be okay.

A long time from now, if you kids ever read all this stuff, just remember that the week that Olive was born, when I couldn't come out of my room and we couldn't celebrate my birthday, and you went out of town again... I missed you terribly! When you grow up and have kids of your own, you will know how much!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bad Dreams and Insecurities

I just woke up from a horrible dream! I dreamed I was at my friends' church, the church where I went to preschool. My mom and Roland. were there and we were sitting in a big auditorium waiting for some kind of Vacation Bible School program maybe? Anyways, I went to the bathroom and I heard Ivey crying in the nursery across the hall. I was supposed to get her back from her flu evacuation after the service. I went in to get her early. She looked so big sitting on the floor with two pigtails, crying. She wouldn't come to me. She wouldn't come to me to the point that they didn't believe I was her mother and wouldn't let me have her. I had to go get my mom to go in and get her, instead.

I hope I can get her back tomorrow. I hope I can get the boys back soon. I can't take much more of this... In the past 5 weeks, I have been away from them more than I have been with them. I believe they have been away from me for something like 3 1/2 weeks. Maybe some people can handle that... I, obviously, cannot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A New Day, A New Case of the Flu

At 4:00 this morning, my poor little Asa came down the stairs, crying. I heard him coming and knew what was going on, so I opened the door long before he came near. He would have busted open my door and come right in here for sure. I sent him to Jeff, who dosed him up with Motrin. It was decided that Linda would take all three kids to her house, so they left early, picking up Asa's Tamiflu on the way. The good news is that both Addison and Asa started Tamiflu early enough for it to be helpful. Maybe it won't last very long for them. I certainly hope that's the case.

I have to wait 48 hours for the virus to die off in the house. Then, I need to disinfect EVERYTHING. My friend, Leila, went to the store for me and bought new toothbrushes for everyone who is well. I have a full can of disinfectant spray and tons of clorox wipes. If I am the one who will be sanitizing the house, I will wear gloves. Heck, I'd wear a Hazmat suit if I had one. I cannot let Olive get this... it is not anything to play around with!

I talked to Mom this morning and she is incredibly sick. There is no way anyone can take care of kids in the worst part of this flu. Hopefully, when Linda does start coming down with it, Randy will be there to help take care of them all. Ivey seems to be basically over it. If she does not have a fever all day today then she will have been fever-free for 24 hours. I am hoping to be able to get Jeff to go pick her up on Sunday and bring her home... stripping her from her contaminated clothes and giving her a good bath before letting her loose in the then contagion-free house.

It will be hard to keep the boys while sick, but it would be impossible to keep Ivey, too. Then, once the boys start getting well, we can shuffle them back home... by someone who is over it completely and no longer contagious. I'm betting Jeff would just go get them, too... unless by then Mom is completely over it and fever-free for a while. Again, they will be coming from a germy home with assumed-to-be-future-sick people... so everything they come home with will have to sit untouched for a long time and then washed very well. This is crazy. Seriously crazy. If I am able to emerge in a couple days I am going to have to get my sore post-partum butt out of this room and clean, clean, clean.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My New Life

Well, it seems that I have found something more isolating than bedrest... bedrest where no one can even come and talk to you or sleep beside you. It has been 4 days since I brought Olive home from the hospital, and 4 days since I've seen Addison or Ivey (Asa sticks his head in a lot... even if he's told not to). My heart aches big time. I can hear them out there... and I wish Ivey could know that I am here or understand that I won't keep leaving and then coming back only to leave again. She is doing fine, but I don't like that I have been an inconsistent and sporadic part of her life for over a month now. I know in the long term she and I will both get over it, but it breaks my heart in that same feeling that you think you won't feel again in your whole life once you marry the man you love... but you don't realize that even if your marriage is picture perfect, life happens and parenthood, well, can break your heart at times.

Olive is doing great. She wakes up and is alert for a while, gets a diaper change (which she hates), eats, and goes to sleep... everything she's supposed to do. Ivey seems to be doing much better today. She hasn't had Motrin since 10am and was happy as a clam tonight. Hopefully she is on the mend! Addison is going on his second day. He's still pretty rough. Like Jeff, he has a bad cough. Both Jeff and Addison are on antibiotics though, which makes me feel much better. Asa still does not have it. Mom feels completely horrible. She's at home and the flu is at its worst. I feel so bad about exposing her to all of this, not that we knew at the time what was going on.... but I feel horrible. Linda is here with us now and I know her day is coming. My guess is Saturday. I hope not, but I will be shocked if she can make it through without getting it.

I think everyone is contagious until 24 hours after their fever ends, and then the surfaces can still carry active viruses for 48 hours. I am wondering when this will be... and how concrete those numbers are. I do not want to go through all of this only to get Olive sick in the end. I will be so nervous to let them near her for a while. When we can all snuggle and be close, I may barricade ourselves in the house, including Jeff who has to go back to work on Monday and totally missed out on his baby the whole week, and curl up and be together. Needless to say, I do not want the kids to go for any visits without me for a very long time. The boys understand, but I want Ivey to know that I am not going anywhere... and that I am her Mommy.

Today, I needed a thermometer for Olive, so I called a friend who came and delivered it through my bedroom window. Seeing her made such an impact on my mood that I think I will be doing more of this. Another friend brought me some books to read tonight... through my window. I was able to hold Olive up for them both to see... which felt so good since no one has seen my beautiful little girl. Hal and Jen were able to come to the hospital, and Jeff held her on Friday in the hospital... Mom, Randy and Linda held her in the hospital... and the kids saw her on Sunday when we came home (before I knew they all had the plague)... but beyond that, it's just me. My drive-through-window-delivery-service cheered me up and helped me make it another day!

Another thing that helped me today was that I had Addison open up Instant Messenger on the computer out there, so that they could write to me. I thoroughly enjoyed "talking" to them. Here are some excerpts:

Holly: Addison?
Addison & Asa: wot
Holly: are you ok?
Addison & Asa: yes
Holly: are you still sick?
Addison & Asa: i downt no
Holly: i love you
Addison & Asa: i love you to
Addison & Asa: are you stel thair
Holly: yes
Addison & Asa: ok
Addison & Asa: :-)
Holly: LOL
Addison & Asa: i saw that
Holly: please write me all the time!
Holly: it makes me happy
Addison & Asa: ok if it makse you happy
Holly: :-)

Addison & Asa: how are you feeling
Holly: i am ok. just miss you
Holly: and asa and ivey and daddy
Addison & Asa: i miss you to
Holly: i am sorry that you are sick!
Holly: the medicine tastes bad but it will help you a lot
Addison & Asa: i no
Holly: is daddy still sleeping?
Addison & Asa: yes
Addison & Asa: can i tel you smsing
Holly: yes
Addison & Asa: how is oliv
Holly: super!
Holly: she misses you, too!
Addison & Asa: grate :-)
Holly: (PICTURE)
Addison & Asa: aaaaw
Holly: :)
Addison & Asa: ilove her to
Holly: she knows!

Holly: i will leave my computer on so you can do this any time. ok?
Addison & Asa: grate:-):-):-)
Addison & Asa: thacs
Addison & Asa: are you stil thaer
Holly: yes
Addison & Asa: did you see that i put grate :-):-):-)
Holly: I did. and I like all the smiley faces

Holly: you can talk to me later if you want to
Addison & Asa: wynot now it macs you happy
Holly: you are sweet (l)
Addison & Asa: aaaw(l)
Addison & Asa: is eneebodeehome
Holly: I am here!
Holly: what is Ivey doing?
Addison & Asa: she is triing to git into drowse
Holly: that sounds like Ivey!
Addison & Asa: i no but i stil love her

How could this NOT cheer me up!

At dinner time, I got this message...
Addison & Asa: why u wany on burger?
Holly: ketchup, mustard, pickle, lettuce if you have it

I thought that was so cute... I told Hal and Jen how cute it was... I told Jeff how cute it was and then, I learned that that line was actually written by Jeff himself. "Was my spelling that off?" Hrmm... off enough for me to swear it was written by a six year old!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Little Piggy....

Thanks to a wonderful friend of a friend who is a medical professional, we were encouraged to go get tested for the flu. It seems that the symptoms going on in our house were typical h1n1 symptoms. So, Jeff loaded Addison into the car and they were to the urgent care clinic. Sure enough, they tested a big fat positive. So, now here I sit with a five day old baby on an island in a sea of the flu. I am worried about all of them... Jeff included. I just want everyone to get better and I hate it that I can't be there to get them through it! I guess Jeff and Mom and Linda are helping them through it and my job is to do so for Olive. I really hope my little peanut doesn't get sick!

As of tomorrow, everyone will be on Tamiflu, including me. I stopped taking my post-baby Motrin to make sure I'm not masking any flu symptoms. It seems that I am healing pretty well. I am realizing how much the Motrin was helping me through, though. At least being confined to a room will keep me from overdoing it. I've learned about cultures that traditionally have a new mother lie in bed for a long time after birth. I'm sure this is more healthy than the western views of having the mom get up and run to pediatrician appointments and get back into the swing of things so soon after the baby comes. Perhaps I need to lie back and pretend I'm in Malasia (40 day period of rest), Korea (21 days) or China (one month). Of course, I could also be Thai, as they avoid shampooing their hard postpartum, because they believe the mother needs to stay warm. I seem to be following that one pretty well, also.

Asa is disappointed that he couldn't celebrate my birthday today. Mim helped the boys make me a cake and cards, and they made me a great big poster to hang in my room "to keep me company". They had hoped to have a little party for me today, but everyone started going downhill! I told him that after this is all over with, we can pretend it's my birthday all over again. Heck, we should probably pretend that Olive was born all over again, too! I call a mulligan on the whole thing!

A very sick Mim left this afternoon and was replaced by a very well Grandmomma. I'm guessing she has about 3 days before she starts to come down with it. I feel so badly that those who are coming to take care of us (which is NOT an easy task even when every one is perfectly well and is completely exasperating when we're all sick) are going home with the flu!

1st Well Check

I took Olive for her first well check, which thankfully she is still well for. She is back up to 6lbs 6oz and besides a little jaundice, looks great. Even though she's still 2 1/2 weeks from being full term, she was on the growth chart at 10th percentile for both length and weight. Not too shabby! The way she is eating, she'll be caught up in no time. I wish it was warmer so that I could get her in the sun more. Maybe it will be warm enough this afternoon, when Ivey takes a nap. I can't come out of my room when Ivey is awake or she will want to be close to me and Olive. So, I hide.

I miss my kids terribly, again. Jeff feels horrible again today, which is day 4 for him. I hate it that he is missing out on Olive's first week. I know we will have plenty of time to be a family, but I miss everyone and I hate that this is happening. I feel like I'm on some kind of post-partum survivor show... putting post-partum women in solitary confinement with their new babies and putting to the test to see how much they can handle before totally breaking down. Horrible show concept.

Poor Addison woke up with a fever this morning. He looked pitiful. Ivey is miserably sick. It sound like Mom may be getting it, also. I'm sure Asa won't be far behind. It's like we're being picked off by some germ sniper. I hope Olive and I are laying low enough to avoid detection.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Align Center

The saga continues. Now, Ivey is sick. She has a fever and is generally miserable, just like Daddy. So, I am trying not to think too much about the fact that Ivey has been all over Olive since we've been home. Breastfeeding will help, but I am still really nervous for our littlest girl. It also makes me very sad that Jeff has only held Olive once, and that he didn't even see her in her carseat, missed us coming home from the hospital and hasn't seen her alert and with her eyes open except for across the room. Not fair.

Olive and I slept very well last night. I finally remembered that I went through this exact same experience with Ivey. The only way I could get her to sleep through the reflux and gas was to prop her up in the crook of my arm. Olive and I slept like this last night... and we slept like rocks. She woke up at 2am and 5am, 8am and then we both went back to sleep until 11. Not too shabby. We both needed it desperately.

I hate that I have to stay away from Ivey now. It has been a really weird month, and she has been such a trooper. They all have. I just wanted to curl up with my family and be home once and for all... looks like that is on hold for a while. Instead, Olive and I have barracaded ourselves in my bedroom, sending text messages to Mom in the kitchen when we need something. I can tell that I over did it yesterday so I am trying to do better today.