Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Ivey likes.

Ivey loves to play.
She plays with blocks.
She plays with toys.
She LOVES books.
She loves fruit.
She loves climbing on and off the green stool.
She learned to climb onto the couch, using her teeth to help her.
She chases her brothers around the house.
She plays peek-a-boo behind the curtain.
She climbs into the dishwasher anytime it's open.
She LOVES to put clothes or blankets on her head.
She points at everything with her long skinny index finger.
She loves my wallet and must play with it anytime she spots it.
She waits patiently for someone to leave the craft cabinet door cracked.
She loves parties and crowds, festivals, fireworks, and Disney World.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flutters and Such

About three days ago, I started having those little fluttery feelings in my belly... like a little goldfish is flapping around in there! This pregnancy is truly flying by, which is a huge change from the last ones. I guess this go around I'm entirely too busy for my own good and, unlike the other times, I trust that my body can just be pregnant all by itself. Obviously, this baby is a strong and determined little bugger!

I'm getting really anxious to find out if we are topping off our family with a baby boy or a baby girl... Only two more weeks until I know. Asa says he wants a brother and Addison wants another baby sister. I think it's driving me crazy because I know we would be able to tell NOW! But, time will no doubt fly by and the big ultrasound day will be here before I know it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Steps

Last night, Ivey took her very first steps! We started holding her hands and walking about a week ago. Everytime I asked her if she wanted to "walk" she would stand up and reach out to hold my hand... totally excited to practice her new skill. Yesterday, I let go of my hands and she took three whole steps from me to Jeff. Then, she took three more from the couch to me! I'm sure it won't be any time at all before she's running laps around the house. (Once she realizes she can hold things in both hands AND get from place to place, she's going to be so excited!) I don't have any good walking pictures, but I'll work on it!

(Asa laid there and let Ivey poke her fingers in his mouth until his gums bled. Now, that's love!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reading Time

Kudos to Mim for picking up the Scrabble version of Cheez-It's for us to use in school! We played lots of spelling games... and had snack! NExt time, I think I'll give Alphabets cereal a try!

I just had to take a picture of all three kids during school time today. When it was time for the boys to do their reading, Ivey grabbed her book and was reading, too! She really really loves books right now, and the Dora counting book is her absolute favorite. I put her down for naps with a few board books in her bed and she reads herself to sleep. When she wakes up, the books buy me a little extra time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, tonight Ivey learned a new trick. She learned to clap! Now, she is going around clapping to everyone with the biggest cutest "look at me and what I can do!" open mouth smile on her face. I just put her to bed and I guarantee she'll clap herself to sleep tonight! Yay, Ivey!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Replacement Pets

A while back, we came across someone who was getting rid of two adorable chinchillas. I knew Asa would be in love with the idea of the adorable creatures, so I agreed to let them come and live with us. The problem? It only took two weeks for me to come to the realization that I am, indeed, allergic to chinchillas. Who knew? The boys took it very well (better than I would have, that's for sure!) and I promised them that we would get another pet. I was hoping for something low maintenance, something hypoallergenic, something easy.... turtles! Man, I have the best kids in the world. They jumped at the idea!

Now, we have a great little turtle habitat set up in their room. We had two goldfish, but after a very National Geographic quality attack, we are down to one. (We knew this would be the case hence the 13 cent goldfish!) It seems that the prices are jacked up on anything that has the word "pet" on it or is sold in a pet store. Turtles need some things... a heat lamp, a basking platform, UVB light... and these things can be crazy-expensive. Why? Because people pay. I, however, being the Queen of All that is Cheap, just couldn't do it. Instead, I went to Home Depot, bought a $7 mountable fluorescent light fixture and a $5 heat lamp fixture... went to WalMart and found a reptile heat lamp for 1/3 of what they cost at PetsMart, rigged up a shelf above the tank to mount the lights to... went back to Home Depot and found 4 suction cups with little hooks for under $1... and made the best Lego basking platform a turtle could ever dream of. The mounted lights actually work great since I don't have to worry about the boys needing to move them to feed the turtles and fish. It's all set up on a timer and everyone is happy! Now, when they grow we'll be hitting Craigslist for a larger aquarium, but that's a long way off.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Write Like an Egyptian

In history, we have been studying about the Egyptians and how they initially carved hieroglyphics in stone, the Mesopotamians and how they made clay tablets for carving cuneiform writings, and then how the Egyptians made papyrus paper out of reeds to write on. We compared the pros and cons of each and then made a couple to compare. We made paper from torn up scrap paper... and then made clay tablets, which are still drying. Needless to say, both projects were a huge hit. Asa and Addison both agree that the cuneiform alphabet is way harder to write use than our own!

Trouble with a capitol T and that rhymes with P and that stands for... Potty

Ivey is a mess. A MESS! When you flush the toilet, she flies as fast as her little hands and knees will carry her, hoping all the way that it will still be open when she gets there. If someone happens to leave the lid up, it takes about .2 seconds to realize it... the sounds of gleeful splashing fill the house. Vile. The only thing that comes close to the toilet is... toilet paper. Oh, what fun can be had if someone leaves the toilet paper a little too close to the edge of the counter!

Ivey pretty much spends her day moving from one cabinet to another, checking each for any vulnerability that she can exploit. The cabinets that hold the dangerous things are locked up, of course, but I actually leave a select few cabinets unlocked just because it keeps her entertained. We homeschool, she rumages the tupperware and cereal cabinets. Actually, the cereal cabinet extraveganza has recently come to an end after she has moved on from simply taking hte boxes out and now must reach in the boxes and rip out the bags in order to entertain herself. She went crawling through the house withher arm stuck in a box of Life cereal today, leaving a train of cinnamon crumbs in her wake. We now have cabinet locks on that one.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping Trip

A couple weekends ago, we headed to Lake Allatoona with Mim and Papa. This was our first camping trip with kids... and definitely the first with a baby in tow! One tiny little being requires a heck of a lot of equipment. Jeff had to go to Fayetteville the day before the trip, so I had to pack up for a 3 day 2 night camping trip for 5 and load up the van... solo. Well, solo would have been much easier. Instead, I did it with three kiddos. Truthfully, the boys ended up being a big help, as I my pregnant self couldn't pick up some of the bags and things. They worked together to haul the heavy items to the van for me. What gentleman.

We brought the Pack and Play and set it up in the tent with us. The boys had a small tent for themselves. At first, they were a little nervous to be sleeping in a tent without a grown up, but they were up gabbing all night long and up at 5:00am romping in the woods together, so I guess they got over any fears they may have had.

Mim and Papa's campsite was on one side of ours and Will, Lucas & Caleb's site was on the other. This made for a perfect situation for two boys. They hopped back and forth between the sites... hanging out with whomever had the most action and food. Needless to say, Will, Caleb & Lucas won hands down. They went fishing, gathered fire wood, and reveled in the glory of boyhood. One night, I after Ivey and I went to bed, Jeff went down to the lake to see what the boys and Will's boys were up to. They were doing some late night fishing... and ended up staying so late that both Asa and Addison fell fast asleep right there in their chairs.

Mim and Papa brought the boat, and the kids had a blast being pulled on the tube. Ivey enjoyed the boat, too... but it was more of a soothing sleeping aid to her! All in all, it was an extremely successful trip. The only issue was when Jeff was holding Ivey a little too close to the Coleman Lantern. She reached out and touched it... leading to screams of pain for the next couple hours. I was able to get her to hold ice for a while, but when she became bored with it I couldn't get her to hold it anymore. It broke my heart to see her hurting, but as soon as the Motrin kicked in she was perfectly fine. She slept through the night and for the next week we kept it wrapped up and covered with a sock to keep it clean. What a tough girl!