Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 0

We spent the night in Fayetteville, woke up this morning and continued with the preparations. Roland and I went up to town and got haircuts for the boys... then I was able to scoot around town with Ivey while the guys went to Chick-fil-A. I bought new shoes for Jeff and went back to Target for the things I'd forgotten.

Jeff showed up at around 3:00 and we hit the road. I suggest buying brand new movies for the trip, so the kids will be totally excited about watching them... Jeff picked up Ghost Busters, Gremlins, etc and the boys were anxious to get in the car and watch them! Jeff actually squeezed in between the two carseats in the back and watched Ghost Busters with them on the way down. Another thing that worked is Mom stocked the kids up with a goody bag of coloring sheets, a dry erase board, etc. It kept them happy and entertained. Magically, we made it to Orlando with only one stop for dinner. At dinner, we put the boys in their pj's and it was lights out at 9:00. Ivey woke up and ate a few hours later... and couldn't go back to sleep. She wasn't upset or crying, just wide awake. She watched a baby Einstein movie- twice. Finally she fell asleep at midnight.

After a solid hour of being turned around in Orlando, we finally made it to Pop Century at 12:30am. The purple signs can be a bit confusing... just pay attention. Close attention. I have the hang of them, but it takes a while to be able to maneuver. While Jeff ran in to check us in, everyone in the car woke up. I sat in the floor of the van with Ivey and we all talked about how great tomorrow would be! None of us... none of us... went to sleep until 2:30!

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