Monday, March 30, 2009

Two of the reasons I can't vacuum...

For the past two weeks, if not more, Asa has been working on a train track masterpiece which takes up the majority of the floor in his room. He has created the above-ground system from his Geotracks, large Legos and TinkerToys. It is so impressive that it has won me over and has survived room cleanings. It's like the Wilbur of toy messes... with a little Charolette, uh, Asa, providing the appropriate pull on the heartstrings in order to save it from its demise over and over. Okay, so that was a little dramatic, and unlike Wilbur, this track is going to have to go at some point.


In the same respect, Addison has been constructing an elaborate army on the rug in the upstairs foyer. This has been going on for 6 weeks or more (ever since Jeff's coworker gave him 2 huge boxes of leftover figurines from when his buddy closed his Comic Book Shop). Every two weeks or so I have him clean it all up so I can vacuum... and then that afternoon the troops are redeployed. The regular army men have had to call on backup from the random nerdy comic book shop guys and the Star Wars cast. Just like his brother, Addison seems to enjoy the setup more than the actual "play".


Anonymous said...

Just for calling me 'nerdy' comic book shop guy. I have to respond with "Worst post ever!". Also to add to the punishment I am bringing in the rest of the minitures I have in my garage. Imagine what you see there times 50.

Holly said...

Ooooh Noooo!!!!

Aw, come on... as the momma of a hopeless nerd (and wife of Jeff) you know I say it with the utmost affection! :)

If you can't tell by looking... Addison absolutely ADORES these. They were last month's show and tell and EVERY afternoon he works on his 'army'!

Holly said...

And for the record-
"...backup from the random nerdy comic book shop guys"

The 'random nerdy comic book shop guys' describes the 'guys' themselves. I have conversed with these figures and ascertained that they do, in fact, possess nerdy qualities.