Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To be read in the voice of the Rocky and Bullwinkle narrator: "This is a Stick Up" or "A Load of Bull"

We ate at our regular BBQ joint for dinner tonight. Kids eat free Monday through Wednesday, so that's where we usually end up after a long Tuesday of school, violin, t-ball, and handbells. Tonight, we met the Hannahs (Kaeden's et al.) and the Ordons. The adults talked and the kids talked loudly and made a mess with the ketchup. At one point, Addison looked up at the t.v., which was showing "Cops" on mute.

"Hey! That guy is stuck to the wall!" He yelled.

We looked up to see a man spread out with his hands up on the wall, being frisked.

"He's stuck to the wall and that police man is trying to help him get unstuck!"


Earlier today, Asa was working on his Heart House and was singing the B.I.B.L.E.. The stopped and ran into the living room to tell me that "bible" is a compound word. I explained that it wasn't but he insisted.

"Bull is a word"!

"Yes, but "bi" isn't" I replied.

"umm... yes it is! When you BUY something!"

I guess maybe he should be singing the B.U.Y.B.U.L.L..

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