Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIF? Not really.

If I had known what my weekend would be like, I would have appreciated the week more. I found out yesterday that Jeff was going out of town today... to be gone until Sunday. My initial thought is always to head for the hills and go hang out with friends and parents, but t-ball pictures right in the middle of Saturday afternoon makes that pretty much impossible. So, I will be home on a very very rainy 3 day weekend (did I mention today was a teacher work day?).

The day was dragging on, we had exhausted our tolerance for the Imagination Movers, and the rain slowed to a medium drizzle. It's over 50 degrees out there, so I figured there was no real harm in sending the cooped up boys out for a good puddle-jump. I think it did us all a world of good!

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