Friday, March 6, 2009

Open for Business

Last week, we had to buy a new hot water heater. It seems that if you buy a hot water heater, you get a huge fabulous cardboard box for FREE! Asa claimed this box and instantly hatched a plan to open a business in it. He decorated it with hearts, wrote Asa's Heart House on top, and went to work for them next week making as many paper hearts as he could. He hired Addison for temporary help, who traded 3 hours of helping make hearts for 3 hours of playing army. There were big hearts, medium hearts, little hearts and skinny hearts, as well as various cards (which happen to already to addressed to and from people, so I think it limits his sales a little).

He had to wait until the snow melted off of the porch before he could paint his box (as his landlord did not allow painting in the house). Three days ago, he painted the inside various shades of Crayola Washable Paint and was ready to open his shop. Now, for the past three days we have had a little boy sitting in a box in the living room sporadically shouting "Open for Business!" I purchased a medium sized heart for the price of 5 pecans (shelled, of course). Jeff bought a small one for 4.

I remember roaming around my grandparents' house digging up weeds and plants and potting them into plastic containers and having a plant sale. I sold plants from my grandmother's yard in pots that I confiscated from her porch back to her. What a deal. I know Asa, like I, has grand plans of making big bucks off of his business.

I won't tell him that dreams of making it rich are no longer acceptable in our country. To make a large profit has been demonized. Perhaps I should explain to him that he needs to aspire to make just enough money to be live comfortably while giving a large portion of his money to his brother, who is sitting on the couch watching Scooby Doo... to make it fair and all. Maybe if Asa didn't have to pay such high business taxes he could hire more heart makers... ya think?

Letting him on to the recent shift would only do two things:

1. make Asa realize that aspiring to make it big isn't worth the negative views of others and higher tax burden and

2. make Addison realize that he can keep on sitting there with his personalized TiVo menu.

Instead, I will just continue on supporting the fresh hope for the American dream and hope that by the time my son is a successful Greeting Card manufacturer this wealth envy socialist ideology will come to an end long before he has to see it. Or, he could always move his Heart House to Ireland.

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