Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom may be a bit eggcentric

So, today, frazzled after 2 days of rain and Jeff being out of town, I decided it would be a good idea to teach the boys how to do pysanky. I pulled out containers of materials that they didn't even know existed and learned that mommy did crafts that they had no idea about... that involved FIRE! I taught them the general idea, but it was so hard for them to grasp the fact that the dyes must be done in order of light to dark, and there is no "going back". They would assure me that they did not want yellow only because they were focusing on the part that they wanted to work on RIGHT THEN. In pysanky, you have to think ahead and work in pieces... first, put wax on the areas to be kept white, then dye it a light color, put wax on the places to be kept that color and dye it again, and so on... They did better than I expected! Drawing on an egg with a tiny kistka of wax that you heat over a candle isn't easy even for adults.

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