Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Evolution of Birthdays

I have heard a few times today, "Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today?". Each time I gave the same answer... dentist appointment, grocery store, pick up the boys from school, go to violin practice, handbell practice, and then probably go to our usual "kids eat free on Tuesdays" BBQ place. Last night I got very little sleep because Ivey screamed like crazy. I thought she was hungry, no... I got her back to sleep a few times... and it wasn't until 7:00am that I realized the poor girl had pooped (which she NEVER does at night) and it was particularly acidic and gave her an instant horrible rash. In between my various domestic duties today will be a all out diaper rash assault including baking soda soaks, diaper changes on the hour, etc. I will be cleaning my house, which looks particularly rough after 2 days of being snowed in. (Speaking of the snow, I did not leave the house yesterday, which meant that my van was buried under a ton of snow. I mentioned to the boys that I needed to go out and get it off before we can leave for school and Asa informed me that he tried to do just that yesterday... with a shovel... a full sized shovel... an old heavy rusty one with a wooden handle. Luckily, he couldn't get all the way through the snow and only left two large scratches across the hood... it could have been much worse!)

In the old days, birthdays meant a nice dinner, a night out, maybe even a party. These days, parties are left for Thomas the Train cakes or Nemo napkins or a monkey piƱata hanging from a tree. I would like to have a little break to celebrate, but it is just not the year for it. Instead, I will think ahead 25 years to a birthday where going to dinner alone with Jeff is commonplace and I beg my very busy children to come along and fill the table with 90 decibles of chatter. This birthday, I get 90 decibles without even asking... to top it off it comes with a baby to hold, a game of Transformer Chess to play, a yard full of snow, and a little boy who would love my help cutting a cardboard box with a butter knife.

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