Monday, March 30, 2009

Two of the reasons I can't vacuum...

For the past two weeks, if not more, Asa has been working on a train track masterpiece which takes up the majority of the floor in his room. He has created the above-ground system from his Geotracks, large Legos and TinkerToys. It is so impressive that it has won me over and has survived room cleanings. It's like the Wilbur of toy messes... with a little Charolette, uh, Asa, providing the appropriate pull on the heartstrings in order to save it from its demise over and over. Okay, so that was a little dramatic, and unlike Wilbur, this track is going to have to go at some point.


In the same respect, Addison has been constructing an elaborate army on the rug in the upstairs foyer. This has been going on for 6 weeks or more (ever since Jeff's coworker gave him 2 huge boxes of leftover figurines from when his buddy closed his Comic Book Shop). Every two weeks or so I have him clean it all up so I can vacuum... and then that afternoon the troops are redeployed. The regular army men have had to call on backup from the random nerdy comic book shop guys and the Star Wars cast. Just like his brother, Addison seems to enjoy the setup more than the actual "play".

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom may be a bit eggcentric

So, today, frazzled after 2 days of rain and Jeff being out of town, I decided it would be a good idea to teach the boys how to do pysanky. I pulled out containers of materials that they didn't even know existed and learned that mommy did crafts that they had no idea about... that involved FIRE! I taught them the general idea, but it was so hard for them to grasp the fact that the dyes must be done in order of light to dark, and there is no "going back". They would assure me that they did not want yellow only because they were focusing on the part that they wanted to work on RIGHT THEN. In pysanky, you have to think ahead and work in pieces... first, put wax on the areas to be kept white, then dye it a light color, put wax on the places to be kept that color and dye it again, and so on... They did better than I expected! Drawing on an egg with a tiny kistka of wax that you heat over a candle isn't easy even for adults.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Practice, practice, practice

1st Tooth!

Ivey cut her first tooth today! She's been very drooly and gnawing on everything in sight, but no really fussy. I knew she was close, but now you can feel it! Hooray for the big girl!

TGIF? Not really.

If I had known what my weekend would be like, I would have appreciated the week more. I found out yesterday that Jeff was going out of town today... to be gone until Sunday. My initial thought is always to head for the hills and go hang out with friends and parents, but t-ball pictures right in the middle of Saturday afternoon makes that pretty much impossible. So, I will be home on a very very rainy 3 day weekend (did I mention today was a teacher work day?).

The day was dragging on, we had exhausted our tolerance for the Imagination Movers, and the rain slowed to a medium drizzle. It's over 50 degrees out there, so I figured there was no real harm in sending the cooped up boys out for a good puddle-jump. I think it did us all a world of good!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To be read in the voice of the Rocky and Bullwinkle narrator: "This is a Stick Up" or "A Load of Bull"

We ate at our regular BBQ joint for dinner tonight. Kids eat free Monday through Wednesday, so that's where we usually end up after a long Tuesday of school, violin, t-ball, and handbells. Tonight, we met the Hannahs (Kaeden's et al.) and the Ordons. The adults talked and the kids talked loudly and made a mess with the ketchup. At one point, Addison looked up at the t.v., which was showing "Cops" on mute.

"Hey! That guy is stuck to the wall!" He yelled.

We looked up to see a man spread out with his hands up on the wall, being frisked.

"He's stuck to the wall and that police man is trying to help him get unstuck!"


Earlier today, Asa was working on his Heart House and was singing the B.I.B.L.E.. The stopped and ran into the living room to tell me that "bible" is a compound word. I explained that it wasn't but he insisted.

"Bull is a word"!

"Yes, but "bi" isn't" I replied.

"umm... yes it is! When you BUY something!"

I guess maybe he should be singing the B.U.Y.B.U.L.L..

Monday, March 9, 2009

5 Months Old!

This past weekend, Ivey turned 5 months old! I can't believe we are well on our way to crawling and sitting up and eating food with a spoon. Everyone says it and it's so true- it goes by too fast.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Open for Business

Last week, we had to buy a new hot water heater. It seems that if you buy a hot water heater, you get a huge fabulous cardboard box for FREE! Asa claimed this box and instantly hatched a plan to open a business in it. He decorated it with hearts, wrote Asa's Heart House on top, and went to work for them next week making as many paper hearts as he could. He hired Addison for temporary help, who traded 3 hours of helping make hearts for 3 hours of playing army. There were big hearts, medium hearts, little hearts and skinny hearts, as well as various cards (which happen to already to addressed to and from people, so I think it limits his sales a little).

He had to wait until the snow melted off of the porch before he could paint his box (as his landlord did not allow painting in the house). Three days ago, he painted the inside various shades of Crayola Washable Paint and was ready to open his shop. Now, for the past three days we have had a little boy sitting in a box in the living room sporadically shouting "Open for Business!" I purchased a medium sized heart for the price of 5 pecans (shelled, of course). Jeff bought a small one for 4.

I remember roaming around my grandparents' house digging up weeds and plants and potting them into plastic containers and having a plant sale. I sold plants from my grandmother's yard in pots that I confiscated from her porch back to her. What a deal. I know Asa, like I, has grand plans of making big bucks off of his business.

I won't tell him that dreams of making it rich are no longer acceptable in our country. To make a large profit has been demonized. Perhaps I should explain to him that he needs to aspire to make just enough money to be live comfortably while giving a large portion of his money to his brother, who is sitting on the couch watching Scooby Doo... to make it fair and all. Maybe if Asa didn't have to pay such high business taxes he could hire more heart makers... ya think?

Letting him on to the recent shift would only do two things:

1. make Asa realize that aspiring to make it big isn't worth the negative views of others and higher tax burden and

2. make Addison realize that he can keep on sitting there with his personalized TiVo menu.

Instead, I will just continue on supporting the fresh hope for the American dream and hope that by the time my son is a successful Greeting Card manufacturer this wealth envy socialist ideology will come to an end long before he has to see it. Or, he could always move his Heart House to Ireland.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Evolution of Birthdays

I have heard a few times today, "Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today?". Each time I gave the same answer... dentist appointment, grocery store, pick up the boys from school, go to violin practice, handbell practice, and then probably go to our usual "kids eat free on Tuesdays" BBQ place. Last night I got very little sleep because Ivey screamed like crazy. I thought she was hungry, no... I got her back to sleep a few times... and it wasn't until 7:00am that I realized the poor girl had pooped (which she NEVER does at night) and it was particularly acidic and gave her an instant horrible rash. In between my various domestic duties today will be a all out diaper rash assault including baking soda soaks, diaper changes on the hour, etc. I will be cleaning my house, which looks particularly rough after 2 days of being snowed in. (Speaking of the snow, I did not leave the house yesterday, which meant that my van was buried under a ton of snow. I mentioned to the boys that I needed to go out and get it off before we can leave for school and Asa informed me that he tried to do just that yesterday... with a shovel... a full sized shovel... an old heavy rusty one with a wooden handle. Luckily, he couldn't get all the way through the snow and only left two large scratches across the hood... it could have been much worse!)

In the old days, birthdays meant a nice dinner, a night out, maybe even a party. These days, parties are left for Thomas the Train cakes or Nemo napkins or a monkey piƱata hanging from a tree. I would like to have a little break to celebrate, but it is just not the year for it. Instead, I will think ahead 25 years to a birthday where going to dinner alone with Jeff is commonplace and I beg my very busy children to come along and fill the table with 90 decibles of chatter. This birthday, I get 90 decibles without even asking... to top it off it comes with a baby to hold, a game of Transformer Chess to play, a yard full of snow, and a little boy who would love my help cutting a cardboard box with a butter knife.