Monday, February 23, 2009

Friends and Family

Ellen and I share a lot of things... we have similar recipes, similar tastes, similar child-rearing ideals, and similar roots. Although these connections are apparent in many ways, there is no better visual evidence of this than by the paintings that hang on our walls. You see, my grandmother and her grandmother were very much alike. The two of them enjoyed art, taking painting classes together. I remember walking through her grandparents' house at my bridal shower. I was shocked to see a painting, a still life, of a basket of fruit, tea kettle, and a picture of a cat. I was completely taken aback... this was the picture that my grandmother painted forever ago. The angle, perspective and style differed, but this was the same picture as the one that I have looked at since I was a baby, hanging on my grandparents' wall. Now, it hangs on my wall, as Ellen's hangs on the wall in her home.

Ivey and Anna wake up and look around their room at the same still life... and hear the same stories of their grandmothers who painted them. MamaNet's paintings are so very special to me, but so is the memories and connections that they remind me of every time I look at them.

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Jennifer said...

My mom has a vase that your grandmother painted and gave to her.