Thursday, January 29, 2009

Applications Elsewhere...

Asa spends a whole lot of time upstairs playing with his Legos... I mean a WHOLE lot of time. (Enough time that his Grandparents would all stop commenting on how they have too many Legos if they only could see the enormous benefits of said activities on, say, me, but I digress...)
He builds houses, spaceships, aliens, various cars and contraptions, some which have been mentioned in this blog in the past. Well, recently he has brought back out the "big legos" and made a monster of a house. Yesterday, he came running down the stairs and informed me that he was creating the notes to his Suzuki violin song "Lightly Row". He didn't quite get finished, but he has most of the song standing up on his Lego table. I promised him I would take a picture of it to show to Ms. Becca, so here it is...

He has three rows....

Lightly Row has been conquered, so "Song of the Wind", here we come!

(Ha! I just noticed Addison's toes on the ladder.)

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