Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big day for a little girl!

Today Ivey had a big day! She decided that she didn't want to be on her tummy and with a lot of work... flipped! I knew she had no idea what she had just done, so I flipped her back over and watched. Sure enough, within a few minutes she did it again! I grabbed the video camera and caught her in action!

I have a very similar video of Asa and Addison on the very day they learned to roll over... on the bed, just like this one. It's amazing how quickly they develop!

Speaking of milestones, the boys got their very first report cards on Friday! Of course, they were both filled with good grades and comments. They have done a fabulous job in their first 10 weeks of Kindergarten! I'm very proud of them... and I am also very thankful that Ms. Kim told the boys at carpool this afternoon that she would see them on Monday or else we would have had a big shocker tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Elf Bed

We went to Mom and Roland's house yesterday for an early Thanksgiving dinner. The house was packed with family and lots of yummy food. It was a a full house and a great day! Mom wanted to get a picture of the grandkids for her Christmas card. She didn't just want to picture, she wanted a picture of all the kids dressed up like little elves. She had collected various items of red and green clothing, striped socks, the whole nine yards. Actually, there probably were 9 yards of it.

Now, Brittanie is older and Ivey is a baby, but please imaging trying to get the other six kids into elf attire. The playroom was a madhouse. The kids were running in and out of the room. Cameron loved his elf clothes and kept leaving half dressed to go show his mom and dad. Somehow, all the kids were dressed (enough) and it was picture taking time. Mom had a tree set up, but the background was lacking. It was in the playroom/garage, so she had thrown a blanket up over the garage doors. I knew I could work with it in post-production so just focused on trying to get these eight squirmy bodies to sit still, look in one direction and hopefully even smile.

After a billion and one shots, I was satisfied that I had enough to work with. Once I told them they could get up, it seriously looked as if elves lived underground in mounds and someone had kicked an elf bed. They scattered in every direction, yelling and singing and ripping off their little elf clothes. It was insane... and very festive... and it made for a fabulous Christmas card!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Asa and Addison had their group recital last weekend. They just started learning "Lightly Row" 2 1/2 weeks prior!

Little Dumplins

Tonight I had a good time with the boys. They haven't grown up enough to think that helping me in the kitchen is lame... and I decided to catch it on camera before it slips away.

It was a nasty dreary winter day today so we made chicken and dumplins. I taught them to roll the dumplins really thin... it makes them good! (And yes, Asa is wearing his skeleton shirt in November because when he wears it he gets to be "Mr. Skeleton" on the playground and chase all the kids).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Days

This morning I got the best little present ever... Ivey's first smile! I had to work awfully hard to get it... lots of ridiculous faces and that annoying high pitched baby talk that people do, but she gave me a couple big sweet smiles! I called Jeff upstairs, and she performed once for him, too. Asa could only get her to stick out her tongue (which she did each time Asa came up to her... and it cracked him up!). Later in the day, I got one more!

Jeff now refuses to believe that they were the real thing, but I think they definitely were. He can call it gas now if he wants, but she raised her little eyebrows and gave such big grins... right at us! I don't buy it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Reluctant Iron Chef

During my prolonged recovery, there was a period of time where we had virtually no food in our house. So, Jeff loaded up the van and took Asa and Addison to the store so that we could have something for dinner. Upon returning. I was both surprised and amused to see what they returned home with...

A ginger root
A $6 block of fancy-pants cheese
A $6 bottle of fancy-pants Stone Ground Dijon mustard
A coconut (yes, a whole coconut)
A pound of sea scallops
A squash
A yellow bell pepper
A mixed container of bizarre Japanese mushrooms

All three boys bounced into the house with their loot. A very confused and still recovering mother made pasta with stir-fried mushrooms, pepper, and ginger root and pan-seared scallops. Being given a random assortment of foods made me feel a bit like the Iron Chef. It was a little more effort than I had planned for (since I planned for no effort at all on my part), but it was still a pretty good meal... and the boys were very excited about the coconut, until they opened it to realize they didn't like it.

Dinner was successful, but the next time I think I'll send him with a list.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Voting Update

As it turns out, the boys did vote today, but not for who they wanted to be President. They went behind a cardboard screen and voted for a Pizza Party or a Popcorn Party. Pizza Party won by a landslide, and the day probably progressed without much political discussion from my two kids.

Voter ID Cards? Wonder if any of the liberal kids are going to complain that the teachers were trying to suppress the minority vote? How on earth is Mickey Mouse supposed to cast his ballot?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out The Vote

Today was a teacher work day. What this means is that teachers, which get out of work earlier than most other professions, get to have flexibility to go and vote today. What it also means is that everyone out there has to drag their bratty kids (including me) to the polls. Great planning. So, the boys and Ivey and I walked across the street to our polling place. I made sure to go after the morning rush and before lunch... and it paid off. I walked in and went right to the booth. Our neighbor, J.P., was there working the polls and kept an eye on the boys as my back was turned. I had told them to stand in the rectangle made of masking tape that was on the carpet. I think it only half worked. But, my ballot was cast and my civic duty was done. We each got a sticker and we were out the door.

Asa and Addison informed me that they would be voting at school tomorrow. They knew that one choice was Obama, but couldn't remember the other (yeah- you can tell who's monopolized the media, huh?). I told them the other guy's name was McCain and they asked me who I had voted for. McCain, I told them... and they asked why. Well... let's see...

I told them that Obama wants everything to be "fair" by taking money from rich people to give to poor people. I told them that I believe we should give to charities and help through our churches but that I didn't think the President should make everyone give money so that he could give it to other people. I asked them to think back to last year's school Easter Egg Hunt.

"Do you remember when you all hunted eggs at school?", I asked.
"You know how you guys ran around and looked really hard to find eggs and found a bunch, but then the teachers took all the eggs and made sure that everyone had 12... even the kids who didn't feel like hunting eggs?"
"Yes, that wasn't fair!" They exclaimed.
"Well, I don't think Obama would be a good President because he wants to take our eggs to give them to people who didn't work to find their own."
"Well, Mim's egg hunt doesn't do that! We get to keep all our eggs at Mim's house!"
"Yes" I said. "And if Cameron only found 4 eggs but you found 64..."
"Then we could help him to find more!"
(At this point I smiled a huge smile at the fact that my five year olds understand the benefit of a hand UP versus a hand OUT.)
"Or, you could even share your eggs with him. But, I don't think Mim should take everyone's eggs and divide them up."
"No, that wouldn't be fair at all!"
Then, Addison asked, "If Obama takes people's money to give out to other people and there's any left, does he keep it? That wouldn't be nice at all!"
My boys are thinking. Five year olds understand the faults with the concept of wealth redistribution. It doesn't sound patriotic, neighborly, or fair. It sounds wrong.

Now, I get to find out if the boys explain to the teachers why they aren't going to vote for Obama... using the school's very own Socialist Egg Hunt! I'm sure I'll be a great topic at the Parents Meetings!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Big Girl

Ivey is big enough for our cloth diaper stash! The FuzzyBunz are still a little big on her, but the Happy Heiny, BumGenius, and Drybee (Hybrid) fit great! Here she is sporting a Drybee Hybrid (purple), a BumGenius All-in-One (pink), a Happy Heiny One Size (cow print), and a Happy Heiny Retro Flower....

And a picture from tonight's bath just because she's so darn cute...