Saturday, June 28, 2008

What we do...

Right now, the boys spend hours upon hours with their favorite hobbies. For Asa, it is constructing buildings, cars, and various contraptions out of Legos. He spends literally hours a day at this... and whines when we have to leave the house. I told him I would take pictures of his creations for all to see. Here's what he has worked on in the past week. I will let Asa do all the commentary himself... I'm just the typist...

This is my truck. It has two antenaes and it looks like a bug. It has four wheels. I put big kind of bridge pieces on it and I put little bridge pieces on it and small ones. Then, I put on a tiny yellow piece. And, I made four of these and hooked them onto the big piece and then I put the roof on and then I put the two little things in the back. Then, I put the wheels on. Before I put the wheels on I put a little square piece so the wheels will look like its in a little square. This is my truck.

This is a spaceship. Allison helped me make it.

This is my lawn mower and I got a big piece and put wheels on it. And then I put a gear on it and a turny piece. I used a flip-flopper piece and a big handle so the handle will go up when I pick it up.

**Today, Asa called us upstairs to show us his sling shot. I took pictures as he demonstrated**

Here is the sling shot

Step 1 - We start turning the box around the turny thing.

Step 2 - Turn it until it's tight

Step 2 - Put something in the box (He's adding a little white Lego piece)

Step 3 - You let go and then it spins slow and then it stops, slow and then it stops, and then it spins slow and then starts going faster and faster all by itself

Step 4 - It flies! (**You can see the little white Lego piece flying to the left!**)

Addison spends hours each day playing solitaire. He started out playing on the computer, but now has a deck of cards all for himself. He has even won a time or two! (I personally like solitaire as his former addiction of playing Checkers or Chess required an opponent.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

22weeks 5days

The boys had a visit with Kaeden today (thank you, Jennifer!!) and I had my maternal/fetal appointment. Amazingly enough, things are still NORMAL! My cervix is still nice and long, no signs of preterm labor at all, and the baby looks great. So, they said my next visit won't be for another 4 weeks instead of 2. (My OBGYN appointment is in two weeks, though).

The baby is still breech, but hopefully he/she won't get too comfortable there. Actually, I don't kow how on earth he/she is comfortable at all, since the little yogi is folded completely in half! He/she is sitting straight up, butt is down, and legs are completely extended straight up in front of his/her face! You can't see the legs very well in this picture, but I did some labeling to help.

Monday, June 16, 2008

One Great Daddy

I thought this next picture was also perfect for today's post. This picture was taken after the boys came home after their 7 week NICU stay. To me, it reminds me of the overwhelming feeling of relief that we were all home. I am completely amazed that I post this, five years later, with a little baby kicking away inside me as I type. Another little baby to make "da da" his or her first word... and a daddy who deserves for it to be.

Father's Day was last weekend. I'll resist the urge to get completely mushy and embarrass him terribly (no that he ever reads this stuff), but I have to dedicate today's post to singing the praises of the best Daddy ever. I hope that my kids realize how blessed they are to have such a great guy for a dad!

Here's what the boys have to say about why Daddy is so great.

*tucks me in at night
*kisses me every night
*plays little legos with me
*takes me to Home Depot in his truck
*is a good monster and chases me
*took me to get a milkshake
*mows the grass so we can play in the yard
*lets me get dirty
*plays Nintendo with me
*lets me watch Star Wars with him
*tickles me until I pee pee in my pants (but Asa says this is not a good thing to do)

Monday, June 9, 2008

House Blog Updated

A little cross-post from the house blog...

It's been a while, but we have made some progress on the house!

Click here for the house blog

Mission Accomplished

I am pleased to report that, after a week of intense searching, Asa's "yellow blanket" has been found. I think I was almost as upset as he was at the thought of yellow blanket being lost forever. Let the snuggling and nose-rubbing continue!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Maternal/Fetal Specialist Visit (20w 5d)

Yes, these two doctors seem to like their appointments right next to each other. The maternal/Fetal guys are going to keep looking every 2 weeks for any signs of cervical changes or any signs of preterm labor. They are the high-risk specialists, so they are very thorough. People say my boys are very well photographed, since they have a photographer for a mother. Well, this baby is already more photgraphed than even they were at this point!

Again, it was a good visit. The contractions I've been having have not affected my cervical length (which we knew 2 days ago but it's always nicer to hear the specialists say it) and the baby looks completely normal. The choroid plexus cyst is gone (which it would be anyways, regardless of the health of the baby), but they still see no other markers for genetic problems. Healthy, healthy, healthy! The doctor told me that they will keep check me every 2 weeks. So far, so good!

Here's Baby giving a nice thumbs up!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Today's OB Visit

I had an OB visit today, and yet again I had to take the boys with me. The last time was a pure disaster. They were, of course, bored out of their minds. In the waiting room they were semi-tolerable, but when we went back to see the doctor all hell broke loose. I was trying to talk to the doctor and they were acting as if they were possessed by the devil. At one point, the doctor (whom I had never met) stopped talking and asked if I would like to do something about them... as they were silently pinching each other with full fists as hard as they could muster. I was livid.

This time, I came prepared. I printed out worksheets, made a "New Baby" wordfind, some color by numbers, dot-to-dots, etc. It was beautiful. They were awsome. Score one for mom.

I have had some contractions lately, nothing organized. I had one the day of the party, two yesterday, and one on my way to the doctor today. I know that sporatic contractions are normal, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been scared to death. I have had nightmares about losing this baby. Graphic ones at that. Of all my pregnancies, I have never been this far along and still walking around without constant medical care. I am terrified.

I explained to the doctor about my contractions and told her about how scared I was. She sent me back for a cervical check via ultrasound and all was well. It's still long and closed. Everything looks totally normal. No sign of preterm labor. Normal. I told her I wasn't sure I would be able to get through this pregnancy without constant terror. She said that after all we've been through, she would be worried if I could.

So, I am 20 weeks and 3 days, and doing just fine. Our little one is kicking and squirming like a maniac right now as I type.

If it's a boy, Addison wants to name him Mr. Don. And, for those of you who aren't aware... you're just going to have to keep on wondering what we're having, cause we aren't going to find out!

The Party!

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