Monday, November 19, 2007

1st Violin Recital!

Today was the day! Asa and Addison have been looking forward to getting on stage and showing everyone what they know for weeks now. Mim, Papa, Grandmomma, Granddaddy, Hal, and Cool Mo Dee all came. It was a gorgeous fall day in Athens! We caravaned downtown and ate brunch at The Last Resort Grill. Afterward, we had time to kill, so instead of driving across campus to the recital hall, we all caught the UGA bus (one of the boys' favorite things to do!).

The recital went very well! The both did such a good job!
This video may take a while to load...

After the recital, we caught the bus back to our cars and went back home for dessert. It was a great day!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What did he say?

Yesterday, the boys had group violin practice. They are getting ready for the big recital. Miss Kristin showed them where they will be standing and they went through the entire program. The parents sat and watched as our 14 children practiced. At the end, she asked if anyone had any questions about the recital. Of course, Addison's hand went up.

"Cool Mo Dee is coming to watch our recital!" He exclaimed. Everyone looked completely confused. What on earth did he just say? I started laughing so hard that I actually slammed my head into the chair in front of me. When I sat up, I realized that all the parents and teachers were looking at me waiting for some sort of explanation. I actually had to tell the class that the boys' uncle taught them to call him Cool Mo Dee. If violin class didn't already think we were a bunch of weirdos, they do now!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

These aren't the boys you're looking for...

I have two major Star Wars fans in my family. They share the same giddy obsession with all that is Star Wars. They are Addison and Jeff. Addison came home on Tuesday talking about how a boy in his class has a Darth Vader bookbag AND a lunch box, too! We held off on letting the boys watch any of the movies as long as possible, and now they have seen the first two. (The REAL first two... OUR first two)

Asa loves the movies, too. But, when I'm driving to the grocery store only one of my children pull out questions like,

"Mom, is Darth Vader a bad guy?"
"I thought he was... but... how is he a bad guy and he's Luke's father and Luke it a good guy?"

Addison ponders Star Wars all the time. Once it is brought up, Asa will contemplate questions of his own...

"How does Darth Vader reach his hand out [like this] and make things move?"
I try to explain the force... the word "magic" seemed to help.
"Well, Luke isn't as good at it as Vader is."
"Well, Luke is just a boy." I answer.
"When are we going to learn how to use the force?"

All of us have watched "A New Hope" a few times. The boys were ready to move on, so we saw "The Empire Strikes Back" a little while ago. The boys watched, absolutely fascinated. Addison was a zombie... making sure not to miss a single detail. Towards the end of the movie, Asa was obviously confused about something. He tried to explain the source of his confusion. He fumbled with his words, asking how Darth Vader was alive if he was dead. Jeff and I struggled to figure out why he was confused so that we could answer him... when Addison piped in. "He's talking about how Luke goes into the cave where Yoda is and sees Darth Vader and kills him. How is Darth Vader not dead?" Wow. Addison was right, that's exactly what he meant. So, we attempted to explain how Vader at the beginning was just Luke's vision. Comparing it to a dream helped, and all was well.

At lunch one day last month, Jeff went to the mall near his office and spotted a replica Darth Vader mask. He acted like a little kid. He talked about it. He went back anxiously awaiting the price to drop to a level in which he could justify buying it. He always wanted one, and now he is a grown up! But, where was this intense need for the helmet coming from? We had no plans for dressing up for Halloween, not us anyways. One day he said that figured it out... as a kid, he always wanted a Darth Vader helmet. He wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween, but was talked out of it. He said he was told it was, "just a piece of plastic". He had always wanted that helmet! After Halloween, we went to the mall and he showed it to me. It was a true replica. It was HUGE! The guy who played him in the movie was a giant- like 6' 7". I had no idea. They had it marked down 30% or so. Still not enough. We asked if they were going to reduce it any more, they said "no" and we left. Well, Jeff went back a couple days later and it was down some enormous amount, like 70%. So, he came home with his very own Darth Vader helmet.

And for this very small price, all three boys were happy.