Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Those tomato-eating-bats are back with a taste for turtle...

Asa tells a story...

Hey, Mom! A long long time ago, not when I was this age but a long long time ago when I was three... I had a fream while I was asleep at our house. I dreamed that I had a turtle in the bathtub and a turtle in the potty! (He laughs uncontrollably and then sings...) Turtle in the bath-tub, turtle in the potty!! I had two turtles.

I spoke up to say that if I were a turtle, I wouldn't want to swim in the potty.

Yeah. But these were dead. Yeah. They were dead so we just scooped them up and throwed them in the yard and then daddy throwed them in the woods. Then, bats ate them... but not the shells. Bats don't eat shells.

Um.... Should I be concerned here? I am assuming it's normal for four-year-old boys to dream about bats eating dead turtles that were floating in our bathroom? Geez.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tomato Harvesting

Wow. I have learned that 6 tomato plants can be a lot to manage. I think we would have done fine with just one! Asa and Addison went out in the gator to pick... and then discovered that Daddy was mowing trails in the jungle that we call a backyard.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Four-year-olds Can Do That.

It had been a while since I had taken the boys across the street to ride bikes on the track, so we went this evening. They wore their new helmets and pads that they got for their birthday (which Asa said looked "very cool") and were off. To their suprise, the boys could now PEDAL UP THE HILL! This is a huge deal since it means that I did not have to follow them around the track, giving pushes at the appropriate times. This was especially hard when they were spread out across the track. Needless to say, they were very proud of themselves!

Mattie followed us across the road to watch.

Here's Asa showing me how great his hemlet would work if he fell on his head. ("It would do like this!")

Deep Breaths

Asa came down from playing in his room...

"Um.. Mom... (he seems a little nervous)
There was kinda an old tomato in our house, but I threw it in the trashcan."

(Bear in mind that Asa has not gone out with me to pick veggies in the garden in quite a few days, and when he does he gets in trouble for trying to play with the cherry tomatoes all over the house)

"Asa, where did it come from? Was it in your room?"

"Um... I think that some rabbits or squirrels came and picked them from our garden and... um... they like to eat tomatoes... and it was all squishy so I threw it away."

"Asa, where was it?"

U"mm... You remember when that bat was in our house? Well, um... I bet that he had it and he left it in our house. And I threw it in the trashcan. We don't want an old tomato in our house!"

"You're right, Asa. We sure don't."


We decided to go pick up lunch at McDonald's and take it to the playpark for a picnic today. Addison was adamant that he did not want McDonald's, and Asa was dead set on it. Needless to say, the backseat was a fast-food battlefield. Addison did not want to eat McDonald's!

Well, Zaxby's is right next to McDonald's. Being the fabulous mother I am, I asked Addison if he wanted Zaxby's instead. Asa still refused to consider anything but Micky-D's, so we would make two stops.

Everyone was excited.

Peace on earth.

As I pulled up to the drive-thru window at Zaxby's I leaned back and asked Addison what he wanted to eat.

"Nothing. I'm not hungry." WHAT?? "I don't want anything to eat."

Sensing my frustration he pipes up, "I just wanted to come here cause you like it... you can get something. I picked it for you."


Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Big Check Up

The boys just had their four year check up. A huge deal as far as shots go. They are right on track with their learning, hearing is great, sight is great, they speak well, all their body parts are attached relatively close to where they should be.

Jeff always thought my baby pictures made me look like an 'imp' (or possibly a Gelfling), and Asa looks just like I did, so Jeff deducts that Asa must also be an 'imp'. Addison on the other hand we think comes from some garden gnome section of the family. This theory was proven true today as Addison was in the 50th percentile in weight and the 10th in height! Asa is about 60th and 20th. I guess I'd better start the Flintstone vitamins flowin' since Addison has to grow an inch before we can go back to Disney World!

Addison was nervous about today's visit since he heard we were going, two days ago. He always asks me if he's getting a shot... and I cannot lie... "Yes, when we go you'll get a shot." I could feel his anxiety levels rising. I promised them a very very special treat for bravery, and it did the trick. They talked about that treat and focused on it. Addison let out a very loud scream during each of the shots (three in all) but didn't cry and handled it like a champ. I glanced over during Addison's shots and saw that Asa was SMILING. The unsympathetic little kid was finding humor in his brother's screams. When I was little, I would have been heartborken and protective when my brother was getting shots. When it was Asa's turn, he made me a little nervous. He said to me, "Watch this, momma... I'm not gonna cry at all. Watch!" and he grabbed onto my hands. He squeezed tight and scrunched up his face... and toughed it out for all three shots. He jumped up and collected his stickers. For some reason, that makes me very nervous!

(I didn't realize how much Asa and I looked alike until I found this picture...)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We went swimming again yesterday, and I was able to bring my new waterproof case for my Fijifilm Finepix camera. I really needed a small point-and-click so I didn't have to take my huge SLR around with me. This one I can just drop in my pocket. I tested the new case and was very impressed!

The boys remembered most of their Infant Swim Resource classes this year. This is the third summer since they've taken them. They started a little before they turned 2 (and at that point their age was still being adjusted, so they were about 20 months, gestationally) The first summer they were like fish, showing off their newly learned tricks. They were textbook with their swim/roll/float technique. The Infant Swim courses teach survival swimming. At less than 2 years old I could see that if they were to fall in the water, they could float on their backs and breathe, and then roll to swim to the side, rolling to breathe and rest until they could safely make it out of the pool. I wish we'd known about it their first year. We would have started even earlier! When I was at classes with the boys we watched 6 and 7 month olds doing it!

Here's Addison from 2001 doing the full roll-to-float...

They even had to do this in full winter clothes, shoes, and a coat. Last year we took a refresher course for a little over a week and had it all down again. This summer, they can swim like little fish, but the rolling and floating is gone. I was hoping it would stick!

Here's some pics from yesterday...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Moms of Multiples Club Meeting???

NO! Family reunion. Yes, there were THREE sets of twins at last weekend's Davis family reunion.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

My cousin Marissa came and spent some time with us this week. The boys thoroughly enjoyed all the attention! I think it was like vacation for them... they played a bunch of Nintendo, went swimming, we went to the aquarium... having an extra set of hands was AMAZING!

Today, she helped the boys decorate a cake for Jeff. We blew up some balloons and the had a little mini-party for him. (What's a birthday without party hats??) It was a VERY silly night, and everyone had sore bellies by the end from laughing so hard at the boys' hat antics.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July!

We had a great fourth! We actually hung out down at Mom & Roland's house and just relaxed for a change. We sat and watched the boys play on the water slide, ate ribs (yum!), and enjoyed the awsome weather.