Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Notable Moments

We were playing on the SpiderMan Slip & Slide that they got for their birthday. (By the way, if you hold a 4 year old boy by the back of his swimsuit and give a good swing, you can chunk 'em all the way to the end of a Slip & Slide at great speed!) Asa had to pee-pee, so he want behind a tree. When he came back, his swimsuit was completely off. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "I think the Slip & Slide will work better without my bathing suit on". I'm sure it would.


Yesterday at the pool, Addison swam and did a "barrell roll"... he flipped 360 degrees and kept swimming. After a few rolls, he wouldn't stop talking about it. We heard "Did you see me roll?" "Wasn't my roll cool?" "My roll was cool, wasn't it?" "I rolled, can I call Daddy and tell him how cool it was?" for the next hour.

While we were sitting on the lounge chairs having a snack, Addison said to me, "What is the kind of paper that has a lot of words on it?" Looking around, I saw the Rules sign and took a guess that he was talking about it. "A sign?" "The rules?" I guessed? "Hmmm.... no.... the news... the newspaper. We should put that I rolled in the newspaper so all the people will know!"


The other day, the boys and I were in line at the CVS drive-thru when Asa says, "Are Aidan, Bryson, and Carson triplets?" I told him they were. "I think they are a turkey, then!" If this one confuses you, keep in mind that the boys have been bowling on our Nintendo Wii.


Grandmomma and Granddaddy have a decorative basket on their hearth, full of old pecans, hazelnuts, all kinds of nuts in the shell. Theyaren't edible anymore, just decoration. The boys have played with these since they were little tiny. Sometimes, they ask if they can eat them. Grandmomma and Granddaddy always just tell them that they are old, so they can't eat them.

One day, out of the blue, Asa tells me, "Grandaddy has old nuts!" I'm hoping I'm the only one he told that one to!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello Wabbit

Our gardening is paying off! Tonight, we picked some green beans and the boys each picked a carrot! They are L-O-V-I-N-G this!

Friday, May 25, 2007

In their defense....

In the boys' defense, I was eating a little snack when I found this-

and everytime I look at it I get totally cracked up.

In other news, we had a bee adventure last night. Check out the house blog for the run down and pics...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Potty Humor

I was a tomboy. I get climbing trees, I understand the joy of bug-catching, I like mud. I get it. What I don't get is the facination and seeming hilarity of anything that pertains to bodily functions. All day long, I have to listen to the boys laugh at just the very words "poo" "poop" and even "stink". They will say these words, for no reason other than cracking each other up. They will say it when it has no relevence whatsoever. It never ceases to create laughter. I will never understand. However, raising these boys and seeing that such immature senses of humor must be programmed by the 'y' chromosome helps me to understand why certain movies make money.

Let's combine the boys' lack of ability to tell an actual joke with the previously mentioned poop humor.

Addison: "Knock Knock"
Asa: "Who's there?"
Addison: "Stink"
Asa: "Stink who?"
Addison: "Stinker"
Both erupt into uncontrollable laughter

Asa: "Knock Knock"
Addison: "Who's there?"
Asa: "Table"
Addison: "Table who?"
Asa: Table stinker"
Even greater laughter than before

Addison: "Knock Knock"
Asa: "Who's there?"
Addison: "Stinky"
(already having trouble holding back laughs)
Asa: "Stinky who?"
(cracking up just saying the word "stinky")
Addison: "Stinky Pooper Table Bread Dinky"
Tears from the rolling laughter...

Then, Asa pulls out a true joke... the only one they actually "get"...
Asa: "Knock Knock"
Addison: "Who's there?"
Asa: "Ach"
Addison: "Ach who?"
Asa: "Bless you!"
Smaller laugh than the previous stink jokes.

Addison: "Knock Knock"
Asa: "Who's there?"
Addison: "Orange"
Asa: "Orange Who?"
(Is Addison going to follow suit with an actual joke???)
Addison: "Orange Blang Plah Boo Boo Stink!"
Falling-out of-the-chair-laughter. Ahh... the funniest joke of them all... thank goodness Addison took a boring "orange-ya" joke and made it four-year-old-worthy.

Did this post seem to go on forever? Did it seem a little annoying to anyone? I hope so. Now imagine it over and over for about 3 hours a day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who Needs Air?

I walked through the living room today armed with my box of various toys to take upstairs to their rightful homes when I spotted the cat. The "black cat" or "Maddie" was in a sealed Tupperware container. Luckily, not much time had lapsed between the cat's imprisonment and her release. I explained to the boys that animals need air like we need air... and they cannot get air in a plastic box.

They know not to get in the box themselves, but a cat needs air, too? I did my best to impress upon them the importance of this lesson. When I felt confident that I had gotten the point across, Asa looked up at me and asked, "Well, what animal doesn't need air that I can put in this box?"

"You can't put any animals in the box. They all need air." I answered.

After a long list of possible prisoners that may not need to breathe actual air, Asa gave in. I think the realization that even a spider needs air meant that he would have to find either a different jail or an inanimate object to capture. I hope so.

The Importance of Enunciation

I was folding laundry a bit ago while the boys were watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I'm not a huge fan of this show. Disney has relied too heavily on CGI in their shows, and cheap animation at that (they're wrecked Winnie the Pooh). But, there is some educational value to it, so I cave. I wasn't really paying attention to the episode, but I could hear it. The characters were going around collecting animals and returning them to the zoo. What class system is in place that lets some animals have houses and cars and other animals live in the zoo? I've often wondered what the difference in pedigree is between Goofy and Pluto, Goofy being a walking talking member of Disney society, and Pluto being, well, Mickey's dog. Anyways, I digress.

The characters were collecting animals. There was an elephant in a tree. These things I know. A few minutes later I hear a very concerning song coming from the next room... "Shake Shake Shake your penis" they sang. Now, the Disney crew, like my children, did a very poor job of enunciating the "t" in the word "Peanuts". Even when I looked and saw Mickey, Donald, and Goofy holding nuts in their big gloved hands, and knowing there was an elephant in a tree, I still swear I couldn't hear the "t". I guess Disney was never free of innuendos.

Now that's a song that is sure to come up in Sunday School.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Money Lesson

Asa found a penny on the ground. He handed it to me. "Take it home and put it in your bank!" I said. He didn't want to. He told me that I could have it. I told him that I could give it to him tomorrow so he could give it to the church. "Good idea!" He said. I used this as an opportunity to explain that we take some money to save in our banks, some money we can take to the store and spend, and some we give to the church. Addison piped up, "And some money we put in our ears so uncle Cool Mo Dee can pull a quarter out!" Looks like there are four categories in our money management lesson.

*Yes, they call Uncle Mike "Cool Mo Dee". (Or Uncle Cool Mo Dee, or sometimes just Uncle Mo Dee for short.) Yes, they do this as if it were any name, and find no humor in it whatsoever. Yes, this was orchestrated from their very early ages by Uncle Mike himself.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Miracle Month

I don't think anyone in this hemisphere doesn't know that for the last seven years, Jeff and I have either been trying to get or stay pregnant. Our calendar is littered with dates of losses and should-have-been-due-dates. But, May is our miracle month. Each Mother's Day I am brought back to my first Mother's Day as a mother... spent in room 227 of Gwinnett Medical Center's High Risk Pregnancy Unit. I think Mom's Day fell on day 69 of my hospital stay, at a point where I was hitting the 28 week point where I could sigh a little and start to allow myself to think about their impending birth. On Mother's Day, I knew it was going to happen. It was going to be okay. This day marks a series of anniversaries for us. The boys will have a birthday this week, I am reminded of the feelings, not only of the relief of their survival and the elation of meeting them, but also of coming to the end of my time confined to that hospital bed. The day that Jeff took me home after 12 long draining weeks, how strange it looked to see Spring in full bloom when the last time I went outside was in February. I remember how I had this unexplainable fear of leaving that hospital room, the instant carsickness I felt while still in the hospital parking lot, and standing in the driveway of our house, with no depth perception and eyes that actually hurt from the bright colors, crying of relief. We had done it. They were alive. Tiny, undercooked, not able to be held, but praise the Lord, they were ALIVE. We also have an eight year anniversary at the end of the month. May begins a relived journey through a month of sheer miracles.

After all that we have been through, all the losses and all the lack of explanation, all the medicines and failed try at adoption, it gets even more clear- God is good. I stop often and wonder how on earth these boys got here. We had so many tries that were unsuccessful... I know that I could very well have been sitting here, Mother's Day 2007, still avoid
ing baby showers and hiding at home instead of going to hear a sermon about moms. Somewhere along the infertility path, a nurse said to me, "Don't worry, you won't remember all of this when you have your baby." She was wrong. The sadness is gone, the fear and sense of failure has passed, but I never want to forget what got us here. It makes me the person I am today, the Christian, the wife, the friend, and the mother.

On the day after they w
ere born, my OBGYN came in to my room. This is the man who was just what I needed, he was aggressive, strong, compassionate, funny. He was there on that first night of preterm labor, and he pulled no punches. "You are probably not going to be pregnant tomorrow. And if you are, you probably won't be pregnant the next day. We'll keep going like that as long as we can." He made sure I was in that bed. He made sure no risks were taken. I think he knew that I would rather forego the "benefits" of being wheeled to the porch to sit in the sun or getting to urinate in the actual bathroom than risk the lives of my babies. I even thank him for the 24/7 contraction and heartrate monitors that I wore for weeks and weeks on end, until my back ached so badly that all I wanted to do was to stand up and stretch, and instead took pain killers to sleep. Some of the nurses thought he was being to restrictive. I know he was saving my babies' lives.

On this day, he stood at the end of my bed and said it me, "I
wouldn't usually say this, but none of us thought this was going to have a happy ending. You just don't come in here in labor at 19 weeks and walk away with babies." He knew it had little to do with him, or me, and all to do with God. God allowed me to be Asa and Addison's mom. People use the term "the miracle of birth". I think they use it, yet they have no idea the true miracle it actually is. God gave me permission, for whatever reason, to be the mom of these two wonderful boys. Each time we have another loss I am floored by the fact that these boys made it in this body. How did they? Thank God they did. I am truly blessed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Asa's New Best Friend

Asa acts like his daddy. He buzzes around on high speed... he vibrates with energy. However, the way that Asa latches to animals is me to a tee. He glows around animals. We no longer have the goats, just White Cat. Asa spends his time in the yard searching for lady bugs, worms, rollie-polies, anything he can put in a jar and feed leaves or dirt and watch wiggle around. With Daddy's help, he found a "supergrub" the other day... I didn't share in his enthusiasm on that one. (Addison did, but didn't want to touch it... He won't even touch the lady bugs!)

A grey/black striped cat was lurking about the yard last week. I couldn't get it to come to me, I just assumed it was wild. Last weekend, Jeff got her to come near and fed her. That was all she needed. Obviously, this cat was someone's baby. Someone with kids. Asa carries that kitty everywhere he goes. When we go to the garden, when we go inside, front porch, back yard, he must carry that cat. I know that this is the same sight that my mom saw as I tromped through the yard with a cat (or chicken) under my arm. I am going to try to round up an old picture this weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Almost Birthday Boys!

Addison's class was having circle time before snack.

Here's the birthday hat! As you can see, he was a little bit uncomfortable with all the attention!

Asa's class was playing Bingo...

And now it's Asa's turn for the birthday hat! Uh... it's a little big.

All the kids loved the monkey cupcakes! They were a huge hit. Although it was a lot of extra work, I liked that each kid got to celebrate their own birthday invididually. In Asa's class, it was only Asa's birthday and in Addison's class it was only his. They have to share so much, I think it was great for them to get to have some individual birthday attention!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do

It's midnight. My house is a disaster, yesterday's dishing in the sink and laundry piled the the ceiling. I spent the weekend working on the house (construction-ish stuff, not normal cleaning!) and planting flowers in the yard. We went to The Pottery in Commerce GA yesterday, and walked through the outdoor gardens which the boys compared to Disney World. Addison said in wonderment, "This place has more hiding spots than Home Depot!" We didn't buy anything, except a pail I'm using as a photo prop, but it is such a cool place to look around. I mean, where else can you find four sizes of armour suits, a life sized nude male concrete statue and a 5ft tall metal chicken?

Wednesday is the boys' last day of preschool, and as Addison's room mom, that means the end of the year pizza party and goody buckets, remembering to give money for the jumpy-thing, turning in school evaluations, going by the store first thing in the morning so I will have items for the goody buckets for Asa's room, then there's our going and sitting in on a preview of group violin lessons tomorrow night, and on and on. Oh yeah, let's top it off this the boys having their birthday cupcakes tomorrow! Wow. I have a list on the fridge of all the things to get done, but I think it needs to be broken down to minute-by-minute instructions and color coded with various highlighters.

That leaves me here, at midnight, with a neglected house and a living room floor littered with icing, tips, plates of cookie crumbs, bags of various cookies, and little candy eye-balls. The result? Monkey cupcakes. Oh yeah, I'm good. I may be living in filth at the moment, but man can I turn a cupcake into a primate face. Like a messy Martha Stewart... without the horns...

Here's a little twin-mommy-arithmetic... Asa and Addison are in separate classes with birthdays on the same day... 14x2=28 cupcakes.

Let's face it. The boys couldn't care less if I clean up this morning's breakfast that is still on the counter. But, they'll love their birthday cupcakes!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Garden Progress

Our garden is doing pretty well! We are trying to get it mulched, and it's been SO dry lately, but everything seems to be doing very well. Addison was a big help with the pine straw, but Asa decided it was more fun to make mud pies. Here are a couple pictures of a ladybug on one of our squash plants.

A Plug For Peep

I have to put in a plug for one of my favorite kids' shows out there. Peep and the Big Wide World (or just 'Peep' in the directory) comes on TLC in the mornings... and it is actually funny enough that I want to watch it. It's directed by Joan Cusack, and the humor in it is just hilarious. Those of you out there with kids should check it out... it's definitely worth TiVo-ing. Heck, if you don't have kids and you're really bored you should check it out, too.

A few quotes:
  • "All I want to do right now, is put on my hat and go sit in my puddle." ~Quack
  • "I AM NOT LOUD! I'm exhuberant." ~Quack
  • "I always wanted to be the hero of all squirrels; I just thought it'd never happen" ~Quack
  • GASP "A talking log! Oh log, I'm such a big fan of the work that you and the trees are doing for us birds." ~Chirp
  • "Quack, you shouldn't put things that you find in your mouth. They may be someone's hobby." ~Peep
  • "There's something to be learned here today...but I don't know what." ~Chirp
  • "Flying birds have nests! I bet if I had one of those, I could fly, too!" ~Chirp
  • "You guys broke it. His inner weasel is all hanging out and stuff!" ~Quack

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A few recent funnies...

(Riding in the car...)

Holly: "Tomorrow we have to go to the doctor after preschool"
Addison: "What doctor? The doctor with the neeww... what's that word?"
Holly: "Newt?"
Addison: "Yeah, the doctor with the newt?"
Holly: "No, not that doctor. That's your doctor."
Addison: "What is her name?"
Holly: "Dr. Hill"
Addison: "The newt??"
Holly: "No, not the newt, the doctor!"

(At a restaurant...)

Addison: "Mommy, how is my tummy so big and I'm just a little boy?"

(After a whiny fit, which he was reprimanded for...)

Asa: "I'm happy now! See, those little pieces of water that fall down from my eyes are all gone! What are they called?"
Holly and Jeff: "Tears?"
Asa: "Yeah, tears."

Asa: "Mommy, I'll try to grow up real slow so you don't need to cry."

As I type this, Asa is supposed to be putting on his underwear and shorts. Instead, he is in a t-shirt and nothing else, squealing and chasing Addison around the house - hitting him in the back of his head with his undies as he runs . Boys.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What the kids are listening to...

First, a big plug to the Kid Tough FP3 Player from Fisher Price. This thing is great. It is a bit of a pain uploading songs because you have to move them over from an audio cd instead of straight from mp3's, but it lets you assign an image for each song. The boys can scroll through their songs and know what each one is by the picture. (Like, "Stir It Up" by Bob Marley is a spoon "stirring" in a bowl)

So, here's the boys' playlist:

Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Blackbird -Beatles
C is for Conifers -They Might Be Giants
Da-O -Harry Belafonte
End of the World -REM
Happy Shiny People -REM
Here Comes the Sun -Beatles
Hey Ya -Outkast
Leavin' On A Jet Plane -Drivin' n Cryin'
Lion Sleeps Tonight -REM
Magic Carpet Ride -Steppenwolf
Man On The Moon -REM
No Rain -Blind Melon
No Woman No Cry -Bob Marley
Octopus's Garden -Beatles
On the Road Again -Willie Nelson
Pressure Drop -Specials
Stir It Up -Bob Marley
Strawberry Fields -Beatles
Thank you Lord -Bob Marley
The Distance -Cake
Three is a Magic Number -Blind Melon
Three Little Birds -Bob Marley
Ticket To Ride -Beatles
True Colors -Cyndi Lauper
Walk Like an Egyptian -Bangles
Walk On By -Cake
We Are Gonna Be Friends -White Stripes
Yellow Submarine -Beatles

and just about every Backyardigans song made.

The song that is their hands down favorite is "Going The Distance" by Cake. I wish I could get a video of Asa singing it.