Friday, April 27, 2007

Changes Coming...

Okay, I have been trying to keep this blog out of the searchable Internet public, but it looks like I have failed... uh... I somehow found myself in the "Hottest Mommy Blogger" category on No votes, but I'm up nonetheless. So much for keeping it semi-private!

SO... in effort to keep my personal rantings to family, friends, and friends of family or friends... I am going to have to password protect the blog. I'll try to make it something easy for everyone!
It'll be an extra step, but if I'd wanted the general public to peruse, I would have made this more stuff more anonymous!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

A little chipmunk advice from Uncle Hal...

"Whatever you do, don't get fooled into capturing and trying to keep a chipmunk as a pet. They are un-cagable (cannot be caged). Rowdy chewed through his aluminum mesh ceiling, somehow hanging and chewing his way to freedom. He was in the house for 10 days, he was in a cage for 3 full days in that span. They are like magicians. "

"There's my Uncle Hal advice for the day."

Alvin, Simon, ....Theodore

Our house is a Chipmunk watching station. We have chipmunk tunnels all through our yard... front, back, side... They love this place. This morning, I decided to see how many I could take pictures of. I looked out one window and then another, at all their hang-out spots. The pile of bricks outside the dining room window is a hot spot, but the usual lookout who stands on top hopped away before I could snap a shot of him. Their hole beside the pecan tree is usually hoppin', but not this morning. The little guy who usually sits on the front porch on his hind legs and screeches his little head off at 9am wasn't on duty. The action was over at the wood piles on the other side of the garage, and under and around the back deck.

I could hear others in the brush on the other side of our picket fence, but they never showed. I have become very attuned to their calls since last year one decided to make camp under the dining room floor... which has no subfloor... which is where our bedroom was at the time. It was like there was a four foot tall chipmunk screaming under my bed from about 8:30-10:00 each morning. If you've never heard a chipmunk, it sounds like a very loud, intense bird chirp.

As I sat here typing this, another little guy let out a huge screech at me from the hole by the pecan tree... I guess he didn't want me to leave him out!

"Don't forget about me!"

We have another member of the family who enjoys watching for chipmunks...

We've lost two in the past week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What do little boys do for fun?


First you need a leaky hose and a bucket...

Then you need a hole with some dirt...

Presto. Instant happiness.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to...

It's not often that my two blogs intersect, but today you could very well see this post on our This Old Home blog. After our recent trip to Savannah, where he took note of various creative options for paving roads there, Jeff has decided to try to mold and color concrete. After our trip to Ace, he and the boys grabbed a wheelbarrow and various utensils and began to make concrete. Jeff took out a brick mold that he made. Addison looks at it laying on the ground and says, "Hey! I saw this on Sesame Street. You going to make bricks, Daddy?" Jeff thinks that Addison just gave his madness some credibility.

Gone 10 minutes

Last night, Jeff and I were tired from working on the house and decided to go get Zaxbys and bring it home for dinner. I went, leaving him home with the boys. They were playing in their room.

Let me just try to explain the events that transpired within 10 minutes of my being gone. First, let me tell you that the boys had been playing in the sprinkler earlier and were now dry and wearing only a pair of sweatpants... no undies, socks, shirts, anything. While the boys were upstairs, Addison announces that he has a pee-pee accident. Jeff instructs him to go downstairs to the bathroom, at which point Jeff realizes that there is urine puddling all in the floor. When Asa has an "accident" he goes a little bit. When Addison has one, he unloads. Now, Jeff has to go downstairs to get a towel. As he gets up to go, Addison performs a comedy routine quality slip and slide act in the urine, eventually crashing his head onto the hardwood floor. Jeff helps Addison and goes to retrieve a towel. While Jeff is downstairs dealing with Addison and getting a towel, Asa also slips and slides in the pee, cracking his jaw on the train table.

Two children - Mommy + a lot of urine + a hardwood floor = two head injuries and a big mess.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tour de Georgia

We worked on the house today, and right around lunchtime we discovered that the Tour de Georgia bike race was coming right by our house! We ate lunch on the front porch and watched the bikes go by...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Night on the town

What a great night we've had! Jeff came home from work early and we took the boys to campus so I could take pictures of them in their Easter outfits.

We played on campus for a couple hours, then ate dinner downtown. Jeff picked up a Flagpole and lo and behond Nathan Sheppard was playing the Athens 441 show (broadcast on Georgia Public Broadcasting) at the Morton Theater, so we walked down just in time to see him play. I love Athens.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hard Work

The boys and I went out and raked this afternoon and we almost have our garden spot ready to plant. The seeds that we started are getting too big for their little cups, so soon we will have them in the ground.

Asa: "When you are cooking and you need tomatoes, you can say, 'Asa, go get me two tomatoes' and I will go in the garden and pick you two tomatoes!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Underwear and Braces

I had to have an afternoon appointment at the orthodonist's office today. What does this mean? Well, first of all, I couldn't have the appointment during preschool like usual. But, it also means that school was out, so the office was PACKED. I was in the waiting room, standing room only, with two very talkative boys. We were there forever... and Asa was talking very loudly about whatever happened to cross his silly little mind. I had him on my lap as I flipped through a magazine. Each time he said something, the teenagers and some parents that were there would smile and look... He was the only one talking.

Then, I turned to a page with Mariska Hargitay (from SVU) in a Milk Ad with her new baby.

I didn't pay any attention to this ad, except to note that Mariska's baby was very cute. I am not sure if Asa's next comment had anything to do with the picture... I'm sure the baby was the catalyst, although I don't get the rest.

Through the over-crowded waiting room silence he says, "Mom, before you had a baby, you didn't have any underwear?" Uh... What? I had to careful steer this in a direction to a) make sure the audience knew that I was floored by how much this made no sense and b) cause him to drop it instead of taking it somewhere truly mortifying (especially since we had to hang out for an extra long time at the restaraunt where we ate lunch today to make sure that both boys were completely finished asking if there were any girls who had penises, and that Daddy has a penis, etc.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Insanity, Impatience, and a Kitchen Timer

I shot this out the kitchen window as Asa was playing with a kitchen timer.
(Keep in mind that he was alone- no audience.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

If All Else Fails.... Waffle House

Asa and Addison invited Kaeden to come over tonight to play for a while and then come with us to Wednesday night supper and choir at the church. Much to my suprise, the church didn't have Wednesday night festivities during Spring Break. I drove up with three very anxious (and hungry) boys only to find an empty parking lot! SO, we thought on our feet and went to Waffle House!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt & Party!

(remember, you can click on each image to enlarge it!)
The boys had their preschool Easter Egg Hunt today! The brought the classes out and lined them up...

And then unleashed the crowd for the hunt!

And here they are with the loot!

Then, we had the parties! Remember those fabulous chick-cupcakes I made? Well, Addison was less than impressed with the Peep...

Asa says, "Keep those treats a' comin'!"

And now our day is over... and Spring Break has begun!