Thursday, March 29, 2007

The girl is crafty like ice is cold

Tomorrow is the big Egg Hunt and Easter Party at preschool! Here are the cupcakes that we're taking for the class...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Fling!

The preschool had their Spring Fling Fundraiser today! The boys had a great time playing the games, jumping on all things inflatable, eating snow cones, and getting their faces painted. Lots of people showed up and I think it was a hit!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Here are some pictures of our vegetable garden progress! Most of the seeds are sprouted. We're just waiting on the peppers!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Preschool Recognition Day

Today was Preschool Recognition Day at the church! Mim and Papa, along with the boys' cousin Zack came to church with us. Asa and Addison went up with the others preschoolers and sang a few songs. They both did a great job! (Asa sang this time!) Then, Zack went with the boys to the youth room and had a blast!

After church and lunch, we went back for some serious playing in the yard!
(Click to see larger images)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Easter Portrait Sessions

I spent the past two days taking Easter/Spring portraits down in Fayetteville... and I had ablast! I just had to put some of my favorites over here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Today was a gorgeous day! The weather was in the 80's, so I decided to pack up the boys and head to Athens. We picked up lunch at the Cookie & Company Cafe (who has an awesome chicken cashew sandwich) and had a picnic on North Campus.

It is Spring Break, so the campus was pretty void of students, but there were a few other families eating on the lawn. The boys found some friends with a ball and had some fun...

After lunch and a game of ball, we walked around campus and enjoyed the beautiful day. We stopped at Legion Field, but the fountain wasn't on... so we headed across to the other side of North Campus in hopes of an active fountain.

I told both of the boys not to walk along the edge... over, and over...

And they did not listen...

So, we squeaked our wet shoes back to the car and ended our adventure.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Starting Our Garden

We are going to (hopefully) have a garden! Asa and Addison planted seeds in our starter cups today. They were a bit upset that the seeds didn't immediately shoot up and produce yummy things to eat right in front of their eyes, but I think they are still excited after finding out their gratification will be somewhat delayed.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Mickey-D's Campout

Elizabeth and I took the ferocious five to McDonalds today for lunch. Well, we started out attempting to go to the new Chic-fil-A in Athens... but it was PACKED. Actually, not true. We really started out with plans to go to go to the World of Wonders Playpark, but it was too chilly... so we altered our plans for an indoor arena. But, plan B also flopped. So, after many tears and a few fits due to the preschool inability to accept change, we decided on McDonald's. We ate our food and played... and played... and played... by the time Elizabeth and I knew it it was 4:30! We were there for over three hours. We could have just had dinner and camped out for the night. The boys all had a blast, and played together very well!

(Please forgive the pictures... my camera phone is quite lacking in quality!)

A group of 5 three year-olds can find fun just about anywhere... even with the hand dryer in the bathroom...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Would you, could you, in a box?

And we

and for some reasons called each other "weasels in a weasle hole".

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Curiousity and the Tube

Addison's pulmonologist has done many tests tot try to figure out what is causing his "recurrent croup". We've done an Upper GI, a sleep study, allergy testing... and yesterday we went all the way to Eggleston to have a PH Probe inserted. I took both of the boys on the long trek to the Disneyland of hospitals. The nurse showed us the long skinny tube that would be inserted in Addison's nose, reaching all the way down to his Esophageal Sphincter (at the bottom of the espohagus, top of the stomach). On the end, there was a tiny little chip of some sort that transmitted the PH info through the wire to a little computer that was in a backpack. I had told Addison that we were going, and what we were doing. I told him that it wouldn't hurt, and he was honestly just happy it wasn't a shot!

When the nurse came in to insert it, Addison and Asa were watching "Wonder Pets" on TV. We laid Addison back, and one nurse held her arms across his legs. The other nurse put these stiff sleeves on his arms so that he couldn't reach his face, lifted his arms above his head, and asked me to hold his arms up. He didn't care what we were doing- he was watching Wonder Pets save the Caterpillar. The nurse began inserting the tube through his nose, and he never cried. When they needed him to swallow, they asked me to blow on his face... but I don't think he ever really swallowed at all. He didn't gag, he didn't cry, he didn't kick or move his arms. A tear came out and after it was over he said that he couldn't open his eyes for a few seconds, which upset him... he said that he wanted to watch the show and couldn't. The nurses were amazed. What a good boy!

We explained how important it was not to pull it out, and he understood. I was given all the info.... Addison could eat lunch when we left the hospital, and then couldn't have anything else again until 3 hours after the END of the meal. Three hours later, he could only have undiluted apple juice. Nothing else. No snack, or water, or anything. Three hours after the end of the apple juice, he could eat another meal. That is the routine- meal, three hours, apple juice, three hours, meal, etc. I have to write down the times, according to the monitor that he wears on his back. I also have to write down the times that he is laying down. Got it. We left for our 24 hour science experiment.

Addison did great with the tube. He carried his backpack, he didn't try to pull it out, he just touched it ever once in a while. By bedtime, I was ready for it to be over with. The fact that he couldn't snack was upsetting to him, and the fact that if it was pulled out we would have to start all over again was stressing me out! He went to bed, and all was well.

The next morning, we woke up with Addison in our bed. He had been awake for about 30 minutes prior to us, which is typical. He usually lays in bed for a while before getting up. I looked over and the tube was barely stuck in his nose, creating a huge loop between his nose and the tape on his cheek. He had pulled it out. My first thought... another trip, no, two more trips to Eggleston... an hour away. More anal retention with scheduling... No. No. NO!

He apologized. He was very sorry... he knew he shouldn't have, but he wanted to "see what was at the end". He told us that he pulled it out while laying beside us... no gagging, no noise. The little booger pulled the tube out, looked at the end, and then tried to put it back in his nostril to hide the evidence. I figured this because a) the thing was barely stuck in his nose, and b) he described the end before we showed it to him!

I took him and the monitor back up the the hospital. Since our 24 hours would have been up at 11:00 and he pulled it out at 7:00, we didn't miss the 24 hours by much. We may not have to repeat it... I certainly hope not. We should know the results in about a week or so... or on hospital/doctor time about 2 months.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Who Hair

Today was Dr. Suess day at preschool, and the teachers had all the students come with "Who Hair"! I spent the morning creating wild hair-do's for Asa and Addison...